Preparing Your Desert Business for the Holidays

andreas selter

For many, it’s hard to believe that we’re already in the middle of November and that it’s just a little under six weeks until Christmas! As you can guess, this holiday season will look much different than in years prior. Most families will choose to stay home rather than travel overseas for the holidays, though there will also be a new wave of national travel as families find a stateside solution to satiate the travel itch! We can expect to see an unprecedented amount of tourism to major US cities this year if this summer was any indication of travel trends. And one of the unexpected hotspots this year for winter vacationing, is the California desert. As a beautiful reprieve from the cold, snow, and rain experienced in many states, the California desert is like an entirely new universe for newbies to the rugged, rich terraign. Joshua Tree, for example, is home to wide-open spaces, cactus, wild animals, peaceful quiet, and breathtaking desert sunsets. All that and clear skies is what’s drawing people to this unparalleled paradise.

As a business owner in the desert, you should start to think about this holiday season as a great opportunity to attract new clients and gain great exposure from visitors. In order to promote your business to tourists, you should highly consider working with an expert digital media marketing and SEO agency. Luckily, leading marketing company I Think An Idea just moved to the desert- from Los Angeles! It’s a known characteristic that the City of Angels is the most renowned city in the world for marketing and advertising, making ITAI well versed and expertly experienced with digital media marketing. And as a pioneer for digital marketing out in the desert, I Think An Idea promises results, leads, and innovation like you’ve never seen before. Entering into a relationship with I Think An Idea, here’s what you can expect.


In marketing, exposure is the #1 way to attract new clients and also to remind past customers that you still exist and that they still need you. Our agency works hard to get you the exposure you need to gain the market share you desire. We run and manage your business’s pay-per-click ads, social media campaigns, email marketing, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and just about other social media you could think of. We also use the invaluable tool of SEO as our stealth bomb. Our writers generate highly considered blog posts and articles that target specific keywords in order to increase your internet ranking, because in the modern era, having a high ranking on the web is the ultimate way consumers find your business amongst the thousands of others available. Unfortunately, without a good ranking on Google, your many potential leads will wind up doing business with your competitors that work hard to out-rank you.

Revamping Brand Identity

In today’s social media-driven world, brand identity is everything. Even if you have a business such as a car dealership or an insurance company that most wouldn’t assume requires a contemporary brand identity, you still need a modernized brand. Every single business needs to have a consistent, evocative brand identity that is relatable to your customers and tells a story about your unique brand and strengths. Especially out in the desert, it’s important to project an updated, contemporary aesthetic to assure your customers you’re aware of the world around you. I Think An Idea will craft a super competitive social media and brand management campaign that will invoke interest in your brand and attract customers the second they see you online!

Client Retention

After we get you clients, the next step is retaining those clients. After all, what’s the point in making a one-time sale? We focus on email marketing and metric tracking to retain those valuable clients and keep them coming back for years to come. By setting up email reminders, customer portals, rewards systems and special offers for subscribing customers, we effectively build you a customer base that will keep generating sales and support year after year. Sadly, so many companies overlook client retention and customer satisfaction, that they wind up missing out on would-be lifetime clients. We ensure this doesn’t happen.


E-commerce Sites

Living out in the desert can be a blessing and a curse in business. After all, not everyone can reach your storefront within a matter of minutes! That’s why having an e-commerce site expertly set up will help your business make necessary sales from all over the country and around the globe within the click of a button. Our web developers are well-versed in e-commerce sites and understand what it takes to generate sales from the second someone visits your site all the way through to checkout. To build a sales-friendly site is much like designing a clothing store. The architect creates a planned route for customers to follow and includes little extras (like subscriptions and promo codes) while they’re waiting in line at the check out. Without a well-designed e-commerce site, you could lose thousands in lost sales and discarded shopping carts all because of a silly design error! We take E-commerce seriously by metric-tracking, research, and by working with the best web designers available.

Don’t hesitate to get started on your SEO needs until it’s too late! Gear up for the holidays with world-renowned SEO agency I Think An Idea. Check us out online for a comprehensive list of our many services, and schedule a free consultation with one of our team members today!

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