Bing PPC

Bing is on your side

Bing works to make you as successful as possible. 6 Bing Ad features that benefit businesses:

  1. The intelligence tool builds and expands your keyword lists. This tool measures the performance of your keywords, continually improving keyword selection and campaign performance.
  2. Bing provides free training. From choosing keywords to billing, Bing trains you to be Bing savvy.
  3. You can target your audience better with Bing. The broad match type feature allows you to expand or restrict related keywords and searches. Bing also targets by age and gender!
  4. Bing’s campaign analytics tool will measure your ROI, visitor activity and behavior.
  5. Bing PPC cost far less than other prominent search engines.
  6. Advertise on your budget terms! You tell Bing how much you want to spend on advertising and they’ll listen.

You can benefit from Bing’s Influence!

Hosting over 6 billion searches a month, Bing is a force to be reckoned with! Bing pay per click will help your company reach 162 million unique searchers. No business can afford to miss out on this large market? Our experts at I Think an Idea possess the necessary skills to help you access this market. We will assess your business needs and determine the best way to implement Bing PPC. To be reckoned with

Why Bing PPC should be a part of every marketing campaign

  • Clearly communicate your message: Bing Ads uses up to 71 characters, compared to 25 characters or less on other search engines.
  • Zero in on your target audience with geographically specific campaigns
  • Generate better leads: Put your ads in front of people who want to see them. Bing uses negative keywords to prevent your ad from appearing in irrelevant searches.
  • Double the impact: Since Bing and Yahoo have teamed up, you’ll double the return with a single investment.

Consider us Bing experts

We understand how important your PPC investment is. At I Think an Idea, we work to maximize your conversion with the least cost. We provide a comprehensive 360 service: creating, managing, and monitoring your Bing Ads success. I Think an Idea will develop a plan that will always meet, but often times exceed, your business goals. Let us help get you the exposure and leads that your company deserves.

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