ORM: How to Use Social Media for Reputation Management

Good search engine rankings are a balance between your web design and relevant and engaging content. So stand out of the crowd for better ROI.

Your reputation on the internet matters now more than it ever has. Today’s consumers are using the web to find out everything they can about brands, products and services before buying them. The management of your online reputation is key if you want to ensure that your prospects perceive you in the best light possible. This will then increase your chances of converting them into customers.

Google has already started taking into account the reviews written by consumers. These are being added to search results, which means whatever people are saying about your brand will be at the top, so that others can easily find it. The last thing you need is for negative reviews to pop up when users search for your brand name.

The key to managing your online reputation is to start owning your search results. One way to do that is to get on social media. You can do this with the assistance of online reputation management services in Los Angeles. You can start doing something now by doing the following.

Create a Facebook Page

Social signals do help with enhancing your rank in search engines, so it creates a great opportunity to take control of your brand’s perception. You can engage with prospects and customers, which can also be seen by others. Social proof can be just as effective as positive online reviews.

Offer Customer Service On Twitter

Twitter is an excellent place for connecting with your customers. You’ll find many of them on there reaching out to brands for assistance or to give compliments. Every brand should take this chance to engage with their audience. The key is to be quick, responsive and open to communication.

Make How-To Videos On YouTube

YouTube videos are big business. It helps generate buzz, gain followers and convert prospects. You can showcase how to use your products and services or share other information your audience will find valuable. Turn your channel into a resource that your prospects can turn to regularly. You can even put video testimonials up to further your reputation. The great thing about videos on YouTube is that they are easily shared and show up in Google’s search results (after all, YouTube is owned by Google).

Let’s face it, there’s no getting away from the importance of online reputation management. You can either attempt to control your public image yourself or hire experts to maintain it for you.

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