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I Think an Idea is the best SEO Company in Los Angeles, and we offer a variety of rewarding positions in the highly competitive world of digital marketing. We specialize in all forms of digital marketing including SEO services, social media marketing, and online reputation management.

No other digital marketing company in the world offers their employees the same level of access to professional advancement and top of the line industry tools. We are looking for highly motivated individuals with a passion for success and a willingness to learn the intricacies of an ever expanding industry. On this page you will find the up to date current job openings at I Think an Idea.

• SEO Specialist:

Seeking SEO Specialist with 2 to 3 years of experience, a track record of success formulating link acquisition campaigns, thorough knowledge of the technical aspects of SEO like internal link structures, experience using tools like SEMRush and AuthorityLabs, Google Analytics Certified a huge plus.

PPC Account Manager:

Seeking an experienced PPC Account Manager must have 2 to 3 years of experience managing large budget Google Ads accounts. Must be Adwords Certified and capable of demonstrating a track record of success as a PPC manager. Experience managing Facebook and other social PPC campaigns is a huge bonus. Previous SEO agencies experienced preferred. Looking for experienced PPC Manager for Several Client Accounts

This candidate should have experience with the following:

– Setting Up the Account
– Installing Conversion Tracking
– Setting Up Conversion Goals on Google Analytics
– Setting Up Display Ads, Search Ads, Youtube Ads, Remarketing Ads
– Monthly Reports with Visuals
– Great Communication Skills
– Suggestions for lower CPA
– Ideas on Landing Pages for Better Conversions

Looking for an in-house web designer a few days out of the week to help us build out landing pages that convert for PPC and also adding content to the site for our agency. This web designer should be available to work in the office with our content team, image department and have a thorough understanding of elements that convert visitors into LEADS AND CALLS.

Web Designer / In-Office Position

We are looking for someone who wants work every month for multiple sites and has a sharp eye for details and quality inspection to make sure sites translate well on all platforms.

You should know the following as well:

  • Landing page optimization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Site Optimizations
  • Image Alt Text Optimizations

Please provide hourly rate and examples of landing pages you have designed for ad campaigns too.

• Sales Associate:

We are looking for someone who has experience walking clients through PPC and SEO services and acquiring clients. These clients are spending money on PPC and we need someone who has great phone sales skills with screen-sharing, reviewing PPC accounts and generating management fees for these leads.

This candidate should have experience with the following:

  • Have an understanding of selling SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), Web Design, Reputation Management, and PPC Management Services.
  • Have prior internet marketing sales experience. We need a salesperson that is PLUG and PLAY vs. trying to understand what SEO and PPC are and how they work.

This position would have Base Pay + Residual Commissions.

• Audio/Video Editing, Podcast & Youtube Creator

We want someone that knows how to do modernized editing, with titles, classy presentation on a budget. We also have many pieces of content that need to be arranged to TELL A STORY, as we work on testimonials, case studies, and snippets for reputation management and SEO.

For audio/podcast editing you should know how to level the audio to be the same volume, add intros and outros on audio segments and perhaps load to the platform with description and titles we provide.

Ideally, it would be great to have you work in the office a few days and be available for calls communicating what it is we want before we edit 50-100 snippets for internet use. 

Please provide YOUR EXPERIENCE with:

  • Audio – Editing ( Send Examples of Work )
  • Video – Editing ( Video Edits )
  • Youtube Channel and Video Loading Experience ( Send any links to channels )
  • Videos or Audio-grams created for Social Media

Please send your experience, your contact and what you normally get paid per hour. We like to work in flat rates as for clients we quote X for a,b, c and do not invoice for hours. We have a large volume of work so up-to-date computers and software are important for this job.



I Think an Idea offers one of the most exciting and intellectually fulfilling internship programs in the world of digital marketing. We are looking for highly motivated and skilled individuals who can face the challenge of working in the competitive world of digital media marketing. 

Interns who work with I Think an Idea will gain the experience needed to propel them into a highly rewarding career in the fields of social media marketing, SEO services, and online reputation management

Our Internship Programs generally run for a length of 90 days. There is always an opportunity to expand an internship at I Think an Idea into a permanent position. Our interns will gain:

  • College credits
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Experience for Portfolio
  • Invaluable experience
  • Instant resume boost

Candidates for an internship at I Think an Idea should ideally meet the following criteria:

  • Be a college student in pursuit of a BA/BS degree in a field relating to digital marketing.
  • Have a desire to learn the ins and outs of how digital marketing campaigns are designed and operated.
  • Have a general knowledge of the inner workings of social media.
  • Be aware of the general concepts behind digital marketing including SEO, social media marketing, and online reputation management.
  • Independent, eager to learn, and great at problem-solving

Editorial Journalism Intern

  • Research new topics related to the industry
  • Brainstorm new, trendy ideas/topics for new articles
  • Be familiarized with writing SEO content with keywords
  • Be able to write 800-1000 word articles
  • Articles must be unique, no plagiarism to receive credits
  • Design or provide ideas on the article’s visual/image

Social Media Marketing Intern

  • Brainstorm and develop new Social Media strategy
  • Design a social media campaign to gain visibility
  • Create a theme and creative content for brands
  • Keep up with social media trends
  • Implement a strategy to help with branding
  • Utilize graphic design tools to create content

Email Marketing Intern

  • Brainstorm and develop new Email Marketing campaigns
  • Design email marketing campaign with branding in mind
  • Create a theme and creative templates for brands
  • Keep up with effective email marketing trends
  • Utilize copywriting & CTAs to have high email conversion

Simple web and graphic design Intern

  • Familiarize with WordPress development
  • Perform the simple task to create pages, posts
  • Follow designs to create a webpage that attracts visitors
  • Understand the CTAs and flow of webpage/sites

Public Relation/PR Intern

  • Get interviews booked on podcasts with other entrepreneurs & start-up business education
  • Responsible for booking speaking events, conferences, webinars

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