Not Using Influencer Marketing? Here’s Why You Should!

Your content must be relevant to your target audience

If you want to be successful in today’s marketing, then you need to work on making the right connections. It’s all about who you know and who they know. Influencers with large followings from your target audience can be a jackpot for your company. The only problem is finding the right influencers to collaborate with. SEO companies now develop strategies for influencer outreach, so this is definitely something you want to consider.

Connecting with your audience in an organic way shows you’re genuine. Plus it sure beats paying hundreds or even thousands monthly on PPC ads. This goes back to the argument SEO vs paid ads. Is it better to work hard to obtain organic engagements or pay for traffic? If you’re looking for long-term results, then organic is always the better option. With influencer marketing, you can take your organic interactions to another level.

Here’s why you need to start implementing influencer marketing right away.

Ads Just Don’t Work as Well as they Used to

Today’s consumers are very aware of brands and their marketing campaigns and consciously choose to ignore them. Because of this, ads aren’t as effective as they once were. Sure, you can still get some clicks on ads you have up on search engines and social media. However, it won’t compare to how many clicks you could get from a link posted on social media by an influencer.

Other Brands Are Already Investing in Influencer Marketing

Businesses large and small are already increasing their annual spend on influencer marketing. Data shows 59 percent of marketers were planning to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2016. Those who have already been using this method see how effective it is, and now others are jumping on the bandwagon.

Your best bet is to start now before it becomes too saturated and difficult to build genuine relationships with influencers. You can work with local SEO companies in Los Angeles to begin reaching out to influencers today.

The Return On Investment Can Be Great

There was a case study published by Nielson Catalina Solutions and TapInfluencer that shows the ROI for influencer marketing is 11 times higher than traditional digital campaigns. There’s other data that shows you can earn nearly $7 per $1 spent on influencer marketing.

Again, you need a great content and outreach strategy created by companies that specialize in SEO, content marketing and influencer marketing to make this work.

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