Never Underestimate the Power of Social Media

Social Media

Our company works with many varying industries, entrepreneurs, and companies of all sizes. And regardless of what niche of the business our clients fall into, the common thread is that they all seek to improve their online presence and e-commerce capabilities. And what is arguably the best online marketing tool today? Social media. When our clients understand how digital media works to actively improve their brand’s reputation while simultaneously growing their audience base, they pour resources into this invaluable tool. They can recognize that their brand’s identity is intimately connected with their social media presence.

Why Is Social Media Important Today?

Many of us find ourselves contemplating how social media has such a profound impact and effect on our contemporary purchasing behavior, our daily psyche, and what motivates us to support brands and movements. There are, after all, a few real factors contributing to the success of social media like Instagram and Facebook, and how these platforms have had an unprecedented global impact.

On a basic level, social media is an intimate look and a unique insight into a brand or a person, a project or movement. With social media like Instagram, brands can quickly tie their product, personality, or cause to what we see as intimate insider access. This widespread deep dive intimately illustrates the brand’s values, style, sense, and stance. Photos and text can now successfully translate and represent the image we wish to project to the world, however illusory or concrete that depiction may be. Our viewers, followers, and customers feel increasingly connected and allowed into our world and perhaps most importantly- they are entertained.

Before Social

Before social media, advertising and marketing looked very different. Large, impersonal billboards displaying one image would have to suffice to represent a product or brand for months or years at a time. Expensive TV commercial slots were bought and sold to pique the interest of viewers at home. This older form of advertising was not only expensive, but it was all too limiting- a myopic understanding and approach to a brand that depended heavily on one marketing campaign. Missing were the core values, fresh weekly imagery, and the inside lens into the brand or product, film, or person being sold. Social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube allows the consumer to better understand the brands they support from a real, multi-dimensional sense. This inside look can often influence and motivate consumer loyalty. More so than perhaps ever before, consumers confidently wage support and feel confident in their favorite brands and product solely due to social media.

What You Miss Out on Without It

If you’re not currently invested in growing your social media and solidifying your brand’s identity, you relinquish your ability to tell a story, share intimate details, and behind-the-scenes content. You also renounce the ability to support causes and movements and promote other brands and companies you feel passionate about. Your consumers want to understand what your brand’s stance is on important topics and social issues and then compare it with their ideologies. This facet of brand identity is crucial in gaining the trust and support of your clientele.

The second most fruitful aspect of social media is enjoying the web of connecting companies and brands that all work to support one another. Helping fellow brands out by promoting them, reposting and sharing their stories and feed contributes towards the bigger picture of peer support. The more you tag, share, and follow companies in your industry, demographic or location, you form a community of support that has long-term benefits. This community forms an exponential web and can grow as large and as far-reaching as you desire. It’s the boomerang effect; the more work you put in, the more you get back!

Where Can You Get Social Media Expertise?

If you’re like most modern brands, or perhaps a brand that’s been around for a while but hasn’t necessarily integrated into the modern era of digital marketing, don’t fret! There are more than enough digital media marketing agencies in Los Angeles and around the states to help realize your digital marketing and social media goals. At I Think An Idea in Santa Monica, we work with a team of professionals in varying fields of digital marketing. We cover everything from website design and functionality, to social media, pay-per-click ads, reputation management, e-commerce development and more! Our comprehensive SEO agency offers top quality service at a price that won’t break the bank. Don’t hesitate to start your social media revolution today and start gaining the market share that your company needs to thrive in this modern era. Check us out online to schedule a free consultation today!

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