Never Forget this No. 1 Rule for Content Creation!

True content marketers want to create content that is useful to their audience. It’s why their websites were untouched by Google’s Panda algorithm. This update was a push towards ensuring the user’s ability to search and find valuable content. Any great SEO agency will utilize tactics that enhance the user experience. If you decide to hire an SEO company in Los Angeles or elsewhere, make sure that they’re not using outdated methods that could sabotage your search ranking.

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If you really want to secure a high ranking on Google, then you must never forget the number one rule – all content you create should be high-quality. Abiding by this rule is one way to ensure that your website or blog doesn’t get pushed down and under during the upcoming updates. This rule will even help you in the decades to come. After all, the sole purpose of a search engine is to connect users with quality results. As long as you conform to this, your content won’t be negatively affected. Of course, there will be a few tweaks to implement along the way to improve your rankings, but that’s a topic for another day.

Overall, your website should deliver a grand experience to users. A responsive website design and quality content can help boost your rankings. Does this mean content marketers can focus on developing stories their readers will love, instead of tending to a list of keywords? The answer is yes and no. Quality content is only one half of the equation, and SEO is still the other. Great content is crucial, but alone isn’t enough – you still need to optimize it for search. Just make sure not to overuse keywords. An agency professional can help ensure your content marketing has all the necessary pieces to the SEO puzzle.

All reputable SEO services providers will tell you that content and SEO work the best when they support each other. For example, the state of your website should promote a great user experience, so that the users can enjoy your amazing content. It’s a good idea to have your site analyzed by an SEO agency to determine the user-friendliness.

It can be difficult differentiating your brand in the midst of digital clutter. However, the only way you have a chance of doing so is to stop trying to isolate the components of SEO. You have to build a synergy between the assets and platforms and ensure that your brand is customer-driven, rather than tactic-driven.


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