Mobile: Making Your Social Media Presence Stand Out

According to recent data from KPCB, more people are utilizing their smartphones then their desktop computers. People are using their mobile devices for more than just checking emails and text messages. Now, they’re connecting on social networks and enjoying online video. According to a study done by IDC and Facebook, 70 percent of Facebook users that were surveyed were using mobile devices at least part of the time. Similar results were seen in research done by comScore, which showed 92 percent of users on Pinterest using mobile and so were 86 percent of users on Twitter. Tie all of this information together and you’ll see why social media marketing and management services are so important. You can acquire this from an SEO company in Los Angeles.

Mobile marketing and social media go hand-in-hand today, especially if you’re looking to increase your customer base and deepen engagement with current customers. The following tips can be used to make this a reality.

Social media marketing is all about increasing your customer base and stay connected with your current customers. An effective seo company in Los Angeles and beyond knows how to integrate social media management into a healthy internet marketing strategy to get you the results you desire for your business.

Customize Your Profiles for Mobile

How does your social media profiles look on mobile devices? Use your smartphone to visit your profiles to see if they offer a good user experience. You may need to adjust your profile layout, format and content based on the network you’re using.

Most social media networks automatically create mobile-friendly versions of your profile. However, they don’t know which aspects of your company are most important to customers. For instance, on Facebook, you may pin the most relevant posts to the top so that it’s always featured. You can also structure your profile, so that recommendations and check-ins are featured, if that’s what your audience values.

Optimize You Profile for Search

We’re not talking about for search engines like Google. A lot of mobile users are using social media to find local businesses. If your profile doesn’t show up in search results on your networks, then it’s time to optimize it. You can hire an expert from an SEO company to assist you with this.

Tailor Posts to Mobile Users’ Activities

According to Google, social media activity peaks between 3 pm and midnight. According to that data, you should be posting content between those times. Analytics tools can help verify exactly when your audience is on, so that you can strategize better. For instance, if you own a restaurant that experiences a lull between happy hour and lunch, you can have a flash sale that’s posted on social media that’s only valid for an hour. This will help drive traffic to your diner whenever it needs a boost.

These are just some of the ways you can improve your social media marketing. If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, consider working with a team from an SEO company.

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