Marketing Secrets Every Dental Practice Wished They Knew Sooner

Dental Practice

Having any business in a far out location can be a challenge to market. With a limited physical reach, your business in the desert relies on tourism and return customers in order to survive. And as a dental office in Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, La Quinta or 29 Palms, it is essential to have a powerful marketing strategy in order to compete with surrounding practices and garner the attention you need to thrive. Dental office marketing is unique in that this industry allows your practice to build a web of customers that will keep returning and referring year after year meaning that exponential growth is attainable. Additionally, dental work is a service that people are willing to travel far and wide for, in order to get the quality and price point they seek. The best way to grow as a dental office is to market to your ideal demographic. Looking at your target audience should be the first step of your dental marketing strategy.

Target Audience

The most important step in marketing a Dental Office is in understanding who you’re marketing demographic is geared towards. This can vary greatly depending on gender, age, and ethnicity. Who is the largest dental-seeking demographic? Women. What’s even better than women? Women with families, and women in a relationship.




Because women are known to push their families and significant others to improve their oral hygiene. This means more customers for your dental practice and more people in your web of referrals. Here’s a quote from Patient News to illustrate this concept.

“Women make more than 90% of all dental buying decisions. They are powerhouse consumers who want to make informed decisions for their families. They want a service, not just a product, and in today’s market, they have plenty of dental practices to choose from.” – 

When planning your digital marketing strategy, you’ll want to keep women close in mind. Using emotion, health and family in your campaigns will go a long way in appealing to a predominantly female audience. Visual imagery, reviews from other women and family discounts will all help garner the attention of your ideal female demographic. At I Think An Idea, digital marketing and SEO agency, we can help ensure your content is reaching the customers you need it to without draining your marketing budget. The next tactic we’ll use for your desert dental practice marketing strategy is utilizing incentives.


One of the best marketing tactics for getting people through the door is offering incentives. If your practice can offer competitive pricing and seasonal discounts on specialty services, that’ll be enough to pique the interest of a prospective client. Oftentimes, you can appeal to clients that weren’t even considering dental work at the time, but would hate to pass up a great deal.

Draw interest by offering specials and discounts for smaller-scale services most people need, such as a routine teeth cleaning or x-rays. Because in order to get new patients through the door, you have to appeal to their budget and their needs. Trust that down the road these initial patients will need a few fillings, cosmetic treatments and more complex work done, which will build a long-lasting relationship.


Patient Referral Bonuses

Another great way to have your clients do the marketing for you is to offer competitive patient referral bonuses. This will incentivize your previous clients to share your practice with friends and family they care about. Afterall, word-of-mouth marketing is the #1 most effective tool. Trust is everything!

By employing our years of market research in the dental and medical industry, our agency can craft a competitive strategy for your dental practice and get more new patients through the door within weeks! Well put you on the map and get your practice ranking high on the web so clients from all over the country can find you even out in the desert!

That’s why working with a digital media marketing agency in the desert such as I Think An Idea is well worth your time and marketing resources. We know the industries we work with, we understand demographics, social media, websites, and brand identity. We know how to take a business from barely surviving to thriving in a matter of months. So whether your dental practice is operating out of Joshua Tree, 29 Palms, Palm Desert, or La Quinta, our agency is here to help. Check us out online to view a list of our services and specialties, get a quote, and book a free consultation with one of our team members today!

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