Market Your Business Online Without Breaking the Budget


Let’s face it, advertising is an expense we all love to hate. The rates are sky high, but the results can be quite profitable. So it’s difficult to truly hate it enough to walk away from it. This is also the reason why a lot of business owners are attracted to online marketing. The costs are more reasonable and the results are just as good as, if not better than, traditional ads on billboards, television and radio. Hiring an internet marketing agency is the next best thing to hiring a PR firm.

Millions of people are online each day and throughout the day. Smartphones have made us more connected to the web than ever before. And brands that are using this to their advantage are reaping the rewards.

There are different forms of online marketing that are worth adding to your strategy. This includes using professional SEO services. Search engine optimization is vital for getting your brand and content seen on the web. You can also use social media to drive more awareness for your products and services. The variety of strategies you can weave into your online marketing can be done seamlessly with the right help.

Let’s review some of the different ways you can maximize your online presence without going overboard with the spending.

Create Ad Campaigns on Social Media

Posting content on social media for free is great, but changes in Facebook’s algorithm has made it more difficult for brands to reach a large portion of their audience. This was a maneuver to get businesses to pay to boost their content and create ad campaigns. The businesses that have latched on to the idea of social ad marketing are able to increase their reach substantially for highly targeted audiences. This is what really makes social media ads enticing – the ability to tailor your campaigns for audiences based on their age, gender, location, and time of day they’re online (among other criteria). Facebook offers a great platform with analytics data, which you can use to enhance the effectiveness of your ads.

Have Your Brand Promoted By Influencers

If you can get influencers talking about your brand, it can help boost your traffic and conversions. Of course, you need to find influencers that have followers that are in your target audience. You’ll need to do your research on local and online influencers in your industry. Keep in mind it’s about the quality of the followers, not the number of followers they have. If influencers feel your products or services resonate with their followers, they’re more likely to mention your brand for free or at a low rate.

Hire Professionals for Your Content Writing

Content writing services aren’t as expensive as you may think. You can hire a professional from an internet marketing agency to ensure you’re getting content that’s relevant, high-quality and performance-boosting. Giving away valuable information is a great way to earn the trust of your visitors and potentially get them to subscribe to your email list. Professional SEO services can be used for creating content schedules, writing the content and publishing it. The content writer can also create e-books, which can be used for additional revenue or offered for free to entice visitors to sign up to your email newsletter.

Consider Outsourcing PR to Virtual Assistants

Delegating tasks to others can greatly benefit your business. For one, it will award you with more time to spend operating your company. Virtual assistants can be used to search for PR opportunities for your brand. For instance, HARO and similar services can be used to find reporters looking for stories in your industry. If you can weave a story about your upcoming line of products or services, then you may pique the interest of a few journalists. This is free press and exposure for your brand.

Email Marketing Gives Free Access to Your Audience

If you’re lucky, majority of your customers will sign up to your email newsletter, increasing your potential of turning them into repeat business. Email marketing is oftentimes overlooked because businesses fail to use it adequately. Proper analytics tracking, content creation and testing are needed to determine what does and doesn’t work. Personalization is key to getting more of your subscribers to complete your calls to action. An internet marketing agency is well-versed in creating email campaigns that generate great results.

Personalize Your Social Media Engagement

Being on social media 24/7 isn’t possible for a business owner. This is why social media managers are the bee’s knees. Your followers want to know they’re being heard. Replying to their messages and engaging in their conversations shows your brand is human and genuine. Keep in mind that social media is now used for customer service, so expect complaints and be ready to resolve them.

Your online marketing efforts can really tip the scales for your advertising strategy. But first, you need quality business development consulting from an internet marketing expert. This can help put into perspective what it is your brand needs and which steps you need to take next.

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