Make Your Video Marketing Strategy Pop! Here’s How

Video Marketing


If your Internet marketing doesn’t include video content, then you’re already light years behind other savvy businesses. However, simply generating videos and uploading them to YouTube, Vimeo and other venues isn’t going to cut it. A professional from any SEO service will tell you that it’s imperative to have a strategy behind your video productions. If you’re not familiar with implementing videos into your content marketing, then you should consult with an SEO company. SEO expert services have proven to be quite useful in these cases!


Video marketing is a great way to boost your SEO
Video marketing is a great way to boost your SEO

To help remove some of the guesswork associated with creating a winning video marketing strategy, read on!

Square Away Budget Concerns

Sure, your budget is important, but even if you have a small one, it doesn’t mean that you can’t put video marketing to use. It doesn’t take millions to create videos and it doesn’t have to be done too often. A new video done every couple of weeks should suffice. If money allows, it’s a good idea to hire a videographer who can shoot and edit a high quality video. And there’s no need for squandering away cash on a studio and top-notch equipment. To capture authenticity, your videos should be shot in the office or someplace else that is relevant. The idea is to create content that is smart, helpful and possibly humorous.

Implement Stories Into Your Videos

There are many great company stories you can probably put into your video content. Telling stories is a great way to connect with your audience. You can tell stories about past customers, your products and services, or initiatives that your business has. Creating campaign videos that are fun and insightful can help your customers make the final decision to make a purchase. After all, majority of buyers admit to conducting more than half their product research using independent vendors (like YouTube). A professional SEO service provider can help you with designing stories around your videos.

Put a Human Face to Your Videos

You don’t want to shoot infomercials that are all about your products. Try interviewing someone from the C-suite to help put a human face to your organization. Tie in a compelling story and you have an entertaining and informative video for your audience to watch. You can also get customers in on the action telling their own success stories and testimonials.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Not only will keeping your videos short help your budget, it will also make them more effective. People today have shorter attention spans, which means they’re not going to sit still long enough to watch a 30 minute video. However, as you increase your video library, you’ll start to see where demand lies for longer video content.

Put a Call to Action at the End of Videos

Don’t just end your videos – make sure there’s a call to action at the end, so the viewers know what to do next. Because if you leave nothing, they may also do just that – nothing. You can leave a link to your Web site, recommend other videos or promote upcoming Webinars. An SEO company can help create calls to action that are more likely to generate a response.

Place Your Videos in the Right Places

There are a number of venues where you can place your online videos, so rather than just uploading your videos to YouTube or your own Web site, you should create a strategy that includes a more thoughtful approach. Knowing where your audience likes to view videos is a big clue. It could be on Facebook, Google+, Vimeo or another popular site. But always include YouTube because it’s great for getting into Google’s search results.

Your video marketing campaign needs to really pop if you want to compete. A professional SEO service should be considered for this purpose. Once you begin implementing a well-thought-out video marketing strategy, both your Web site and business will benefit greatly.

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