Major SEO Trends We’ll See in 2016

Are you ready to revamp your Internet marketing strategy? Then you need to know what likely lies ahead. Though no one knows for sure, it doesn’t hurt to speculate a bit. The SEO plan you have for your company may need a bit of tweaking, or you may find you’re already on the right path. If you don’t have the time to figure it out, consider working with experts from an SEO agency.

One major shift we’re seeing is search engines moving away from content and more towards usability across devices – hence the mobilegeddon update Google rolled out. Brands today can no longer solely rely on their online presence to promote sales. Even being on various platforms isn’t enough. SEO is key if you want your company to stay ahead of your competitors.

So let’s contemplate some of the SEO trends that will likely dominate content marketing in 2016.

Mobile Search Will Be Top & Center

It’s been made abundantly clear that mobile search is going to dominate the future. It has already surpassed desktop search and there’s no end in sight for this trend. Mobile browsers have more capacity and faster networks, making these devices the go-to for Internet searches. Optimizing your site with a responsive design is important if you want to rank well in 2016. Consider hiring a Web design firm in Los Angeles that specializes in this.

It’s About Intention, Not Keywords

This isn’t to say keywords no longer matter. Exact keyword matches have already been tossed out the window and what’s left is user intent. Search engines are getting so sophisticated to where they’re able to identify why people are searching, not just what they’re searching for. Marketers too need to focus their content on user intent.

More Content Will Drive Success

Campaigns in 2016 will need to be heavily focused on content creation. Not just pushing out a bunch of short posts, or even 1,500-word articles. What we’re seeing is marketers creating a support system of content. For instance, your text-based article will be supplemented with animations, videos, infographics and images. Pretty much bundling together everything people love about the World Wide Web.

Local SEO Competition Will Soar

A lot of focus has been given to local SEO over the past few years. This is becoming even more prominent with the introduction of geolocation technologies, such as geo-fencing and iBeacon. This is a slice of heaven for savvy SEO companies that see this as a grand opportunity to target audiences by location. Voice search will also have an impact on this trend, along with recent Google updates like Pigeon.

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