Main trends in google ads that will be present in 2019


The annual growth rate for Search Advertising will be 6.6 percent from 2019 to 2023.

We tell you why you should start emphasizing the quality of your ads.

Search engine advertising has proven to be profitable for organizations, year after year, different companies around the world decide to bet on ads, and it seems that it is a tenure that will not change soon. The annual compound growth rate for Search Advertising will be 6.6 percent from 2019 to 2023, resulting in a market volume of 134.6 billion dollars by 2023. Due to the relevance of search engine development, today, we will share some of the main trends in Google Ads, the main platform used for the development of these actions.

Trends in Google Ads present in 2019:

According to data collected by Marketing Land, the following are critical trends that Google Ads will experience over the next few months, and that may have a significant impact on companies that develop search engine marketing.

Smart features

As the first of the trends in Google Ads highlights the proliferation of smart features on the platform for this year; however, it is an aspect that can present complications but offer advantages.

The relatively recent change from Google AdWords to Google Ads came with new features, including more automated and smart options, such as Smart Campaigns, with new and updated tools integrated directly into the platform. The updates have great potential; however, the effects they can produce will be positive or negative. In the case of experienced professionals, this is an aspect that opens the door to better possibilities; however, for the newbies of advertising, things can become more confusing.

Work together

Due to the updates that the platform has received, as a second of the trends in Google Ads, it is expected that there will be more cooperation between marketing professionals and specialized agencies.

The consequence of the updates is that Google Ads will not be a fully automatic space. Professionals who are familiar with the platform will easily take advantage of the new features, gaining an advantage in manual and automatic ad creation.

To create good campaigns, brands will need a considerable amount of knowledge and experience about Google Ads, so developing alliances will be important.

Increase in necessary costs and resources

According to data shared by Marketing Land, 95 percent of the revenue (we talk about billions of dollars) that Google receives comes from advertising. While this may be a good thing for Google, for companies, it can involve problems, especially if that percentage increases because it means that more and more companies are using advertising in the search engine. That is, there is more competition, and it will be necessary to invest more resources because the price of some keywords may rise.

It is an effect that will have financial consequences for the company, in 2019 the search engines are a crowded space for brands where competition for the best positions will be at odds, and one of the keys to success will be to have a good budget.

CPC Increase

As part of the previous point, trends in Google Ads also point to the cost per click of campaigns will rise. The combination of increased competition and the superior quality of competitive ads will result in this scenario.

It should be noted that this may not be anything new, if you pay attention to the CPC of some particular keywords, it is possible to observe that the cost has doubled in the last 4 years.

Increase in quality demand

In 2019, trends in Google Ads indicate that quality will get an important approach, one like never before, and this certainly represents something positive. Google will restart campaigns that are very well established in terms of quality, this will be reflected in the ranking of the ads and a decrease in CPC for the advertiser.

Changes in keywords

Due to the popularity that voice searches are gaining, as sixth of the trends in Google Ads, it highlights that there will be changes regarding the keywords. Previously, developing strategies for voice searches seemed to be something exclusive to large firms (such as Amazon, Google or Apple), however, as the popularity of voice assistants has grown, it is necessary to start contemplating the section.

Voice searches are changing significantly to keywords as more and more words are used when asking questions. This implies that it may be advisable to start betting on long format keywords and start offering answers to questions through the ads.

User Signals

Among the trends in Google Ads, it is also worth mentioning that user signals are gaining importance. User signals not only influence Google’s ranking, but they also have it in Google Ads and its campaigns.

As Marketing Land points out: “For example, if a potential customer clicks on the ad link to go to your site, and then immediately withdraws because the site does not have what they are looking for, this action could adversely affect the Quality Score. ”This is the type of signal that is important to contemplate for the firms that develop the SEM.


During this year it will be crucial that the groups or segments targeted by the ads are precisely defined if this does not happen, there is a risk that users click and quickly decide that they are not interested in what you offer, an action that as exemplified above can damage your campaign.

Local Ads

And the latest trends in Google Ads to keep in mind stresses that the efforts to win customers who arrive at the physical store through the use of online-to-offline tactics will be important for business success.

Currently, many prospects are looking for information about their purchase options for a product they are looking for, and many others visit a physical store that they have already researched from the online section, that is, they move from the digital world to the physical one to make purchases. With the platform, it is possible to make things easier for the consumer by showing them if the product they are finding is available in the store, which can be an excellent incentive for them to buy there.

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