Link Building 101: Why is it Highly Recommended?

If you’ve been using digital marketing services from an SEO agency, then you’ve likely heard once or twice the importance of link building, especially when it comes to generating traffic to your website. Back in the day, there were sneaky ways to build links, which helped raise your site in the ranks. However, Google caught on to the blackhat methods and cracked down on it.

Today, it’s all about building links that are high-quality. What is a high-quality backlink? These are links that are on reputable and relevant websites, pointing back to your website. In the past, marketers got away with placing their links on shady sites that had nothing to do with their industry. Some even paid thousands to link building farms that would place backlinks to your website on thousands of different low-quality sites.

The Link Building Process

When you hire an SEO agency in Los Angeles that knows what they’re doing, you’ll find that the process is straight forward and safe. Remember, if you end up working with an SEO services company that uses blackhat methods for link building, your site will pay the price (in the form of losing any ranking you gained or having your site removed and banned altogether).

The process involves acquiring hyperlinks from other websites that point back to yours. When search engines crawl the Web, they find these links and crawl to the sites they are connected to. If the site pointing to yours has high authority, then it can help your SEO greatly. Search engine bots use links for two purposes – to find new Web pages and to identify whether a page should be ranked in the SERPs. It’s why so many SEO agencies offer this as part of their professional services.

It’s Necessary to Find Quality Sites for Backlinks

Having backlinks placed on low-ranked, low-authority, irrelevant websites can hurt your own SEO rank. This is why it’s very important to only build links with specific sites – those that have a good reputation with Google and other search engines. If you ask any SEO agency, they’ll tell you this is the hardest part of search engine optimization.

Social media has made link building easier, but it still doesn’t take away from the need to have links on third-party websites. One way to do this successfully is to write a guest blog post and have a link at the bottom pointing to your website.

Starting to see how link building can help your business? Consider consulting with an SEO professional today!

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