Is Your Rebranding Destroying Your SEO Strategy?

There are many reasons why a company may decide to rebrand their business. It could be to save their reputation, redo their image or transition after a merger or sale. Whatever the reasoning is behind your rebranding, make sure it’s not killing your search engine optimization strategy. SEO expert services are commonly used for this reason – to ensure search engine rankings remain intact. An SEO service can also provide Web design assistance to ensure it’s aligned with your company vision, without sacrificing your SEO-friendliness.

No doubt, there’s a lot of planning that has to go into rebranding your company – just make sure you don’t overlook your Internet marketing strategy. It’s important to note that your rankings may suffer a little during the initial rebranding period, but with an effective strategy in place, your search engine optimization will balance it out.

The following tips can be used to ensure this is so.

Don’t Change Your Domain Name

Not unless you absolutely have to. Rebranding doesn’t always have to mean changing your business name. If you’re looking to change your identity, it can be done with new logos, taglines, website design, voice and core message.

Keep Your Original Content Intact

Starting your content over from scratch will cause you to lose any rankings you’ve gained from them. If you end up changing your domain name, try replicating the site structure and content as best you can. The fonts and headers should also stay the same, so the search engines aren’t confused.

Make Sure Redirects Are Properly Setup

SEO experts can offer this service to you to ensure your redirects are properly done. Redirects are essential for telling crawlers that the page has been moved and where to access it. You need to ensure that all of your old URLs are pointing to the correct new destination.

Double Check Your Contact Information

Are you moving to a new location with new phone numbers? Make sure your online data reflects this. Your website, social media pages and business listings should all have up-to-date contact information for your business. This does play a role in how search engines rank you, so don’t take this lightly.

Let the World Know Your New Name

If you went ahead and renamed your company and the website, then let people know. It’s a good idea to inform all of your current customers about your rebranding before you begin the process. This will give them time to get acquainted with the idea of a new you. Social media is a great place to keep everyone posted about the transition. Then once it’s complete, you can notify everyone right away. Make sure to let them know of any new social media pages to follow. Professional SEO providers offer social media marketing services, which can be useful during the transformation of your company.

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