Is Your Email Campaign Suffering from ‘Inbox Bindness’?

Email marketing continues to be an excellent way to reach out to customers and prospects. Over 90 percent of Internet users check their emails daily. This means you have over a 90 percent chance to potentially have your email opened by subscribers. But just because you send your messages to their inbox doesn’t mean it will be opened. This is a dilemma that SEO agencies in Los Angeles and beyond are battling – getting users to open their emails.

With careful research, professional SEO services have found various reasons why people overlook their emails. The key to understanding your audience is to study them and undergoing non-stop testing.

It Could Be Your Subject Line

The first thing people see when they open their inbox are the subject lines. Most email marketers try to trick people into opening their messages by inputting faux-personal subjects. Their idea is to rub off in a friendly way, like a close friend or family member would. The mistake many make is making the subject too long. In reality, friends and family keep subjects short and playful, like “Hey”, “I need a favor” or “You won’t believe this…” This is something an SEO agency in Los Angeles is experienced in.

Use Emojis in the Subject Line

Speaking of making your subject lines stand out in a good way, you should consider using quirky characters like emojis and symbols. Special characters can help make your subjects pop out at users. These characters are viewable on any device, so no need to worry that they won’t show up. You can get creative with how you use the emoticons – for instance, you can use a clock to indicate time is running out on a special deal.

Call Out Your Subscribers

Emails are personal, so add a personalized touch to your campaign by using words like you and you’re in the subject line. Follow this up with a bold statement, like “You are running out of time” or “You’re at risk of losing money!” The idea is to grab the user’s attention and pique their interest. Just make sure your email content follows up with the subject line. Otherwise, the email will get deleted and you risk readers hitting the unsubscribe button.

Working with an SEO agency in Los Angeles can help ensure your digital marketing campaigns run as smoothly as possible. Search engine optimization companies in Los Angeles also offer Web design services, which can further help your online marketing strategies.

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