Is Your Content Worth Downloading?

You hear it all the time – offering free downloads can greatly improve your blog’s list and audience building initiatives. However, today’s consumers are more intuitive and have grown accustomed to being offered free content. So what makes yours so special? There are ways to determine whether or not your content is even worth the download. If it isn’t, why would you expect people to give you their information in exchange for your useless content? An Internet marketing agency can prove useful in these scenarios. You can employ SEO expert services from local SEO companies to improve your content before placing it up on your site for download.

This form of content is the bottom of your funnel, but is the most important aspect of your content marketing strategy. This is why you need to place a lot of emphasis in this area. Your content also plays a major role in driving profits. If people don’t make it past the content, how are you ever going to get to the sale?

Categorizing Your Content Marketing Strategy

There are three parts to your content marketing funnel, the top, middle and bottom. The top of the funnel includes content you’ve contributed to websites other than your own. Then the middle of the funnel includes the content you post on your own blog. The bottom of the funnel is where it gets crucial – this is where you find the gated content. It has restricted access until the individual provides personal information, such as a name and email address. In this category, you will upload content like eBooks, white papers, guides and checklists – items that your audience will find very valuable.

Qualities of Valuable Bottom-of-the-Funnel Content

So how do you make sure your gated content grabs users’ attention and gets them to dish out their details? Make sure it:

  1. Contains exclusive information, such as data that only your company has that’s actually worth sharing.
  2. Comprehensive in nature. Dive deep into the topic versus writing a shallow 600-word blog-style post.
  3. Simple to implement. The data you share should be easy to understand and actionable. If you’ve done a study, don’t just share raw data, make sure to include your input regarding the findings and key takeaways.

You can either work with an Internet marketing agency that’s experienced in this matter, or you can attempt to do things yourself. Either way, you will need to ensure that all downloadable content has the three aforementioned qualities.

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