Insights on Using Facebook for Local Search

If you didn’t realize by now – Facebook is more than just your average social network. Mark Zuckerberg recently hinted that Facebook could potential replace Web search (maybe to a certain extent). And just a few weeks ago, he confirmed that they are expanding the search capabilities, which will enable users to search through the two trillion public posts within its platform. Imagine what this means for businesses, SEO and social media marketing companies across the nation.

Previously, Facbook had large search volumes – about 1.5 billion per day. However, these searches only consisted of posts from friends or liked Pages. This new implementation will have a major impact on real-time news, trending topics and other buzzworthy content. Users will be able to search for stories from publishers, public posts, links to stories and conversations about said stories.

There may even be something in it for local SEO services in Los Angeles and beyond. For now, the search component isn’t capable of scouring the Web. Facebook continues to promote mobile and Facebook Pages as a way to market to consumers. The only way for this to be effective is if Facebook allows these businesses to be found within its platform. This would present a grand opportunity for local businesses everywhere.

The following are the reasons Facebook search could work for local businesses.

Size Really Does Matter

There are many reasons why Facebook search could work for local and national businesses. For one, it boasts a one billion user base. Metrics aren’t needed to see the potential it provides. The concept here is if enough people see it, ads will perform well. Facebook is also a dominating force in the mobile world. It’s important to note that more people are utilizing mobile devices to search for local businesses, compared to desktop. Then according to comScore, Facebook is the top smartphone app when it comes to total time spent for nearly half of its users (48 percent). It’s also rated third for 80 percent of its user base. When it comes to unique visitors, Facebook trumps again.

Facebook Knows What You Like

The amount of data Facebook can collect from its users makes it easier to accurately profile them. Facebook has access to content posted, check-ins, location, social activity times, interests and likes, groups and friend networks. Imagine how you could target local users with ads based on these details! An SEO company is knowledgeable about taking this data and using it to create content targets and attracts appropriate audiences.

The Power of Friends

People listen to the recommendations of their friends. They are considered a trusted source of information, which can be a great thing for local companies. This can be leveraged by businesses who take the time to do a bit of social media marketing and dabble in social media conversations. Get local people to like your brand and you have advocates to vouch for you throughout the network.

Real Reviews from Customers

What is Facebook if users aren’t posting their experiences? When customers have a great experience at your business, they are more than likely to say something about it on social media. This counts as an organic lead, which holds more weight than sponsored posts. Plus, it helps spread the word about your business and drive more traffic your way.

It seems Facebookers enjoy sharing good experiences more so than negatives ones. This is great news for businesses who worry about being slayed on social networks. And if this does happen, you can hire an SEO company to perform online reputation management for your business or brand.


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