Influencer Marketing How to Get it Right

What edge does your business sport? How can you make sure that your business stands tall among your competition? You may need to acquire 3rd party business development and sales consulting help to zero in on the answers. All your SEO efforts are wasted if not supported by a great business.

Most brands know they need the help of influencers to get more visibility for their company. However, many of them make the common mistake of reaching out to the wrong individuals. There’s a misconception going around that the bigger the audience an influencer has the better. What really matters is the type of audience they have. Just because an influencer has millions of followers – if only 500 of them are from your target audience, then their promotion isn’t going to help you much. If you need help identifying which influencers to reach out to, then you can hire an SEO agency in Los Angeles.

Influencer marketing is a buzz word for this year, as it becomes one of the top priorities for brands across various industries. The key to making this work for your business is to come up with a brilliant influencer outreach strategy. This takes careful planning and analysis of your available options. Here are some of the things you should consider as you’re creating an influencer plan.

First Step – Get to Know Your Audience

It’s impossible to tell which influencers would benefit you the most if you don’t know who your audience is. Believe it or not, there are brands out there that still have a disconnect between their believed target audience and actual paying customer. You need to research who your top customer is and craft your strategy around them. You should also review what demographic makes up majority of your site traffic. Find influencers that have a large following that’s consistent with this group or groups of people.

Relevancy is key when it comes to branding your business and attracting your audience. If your content doesn’t resonate with the influencer’s followers, then it will be overlooked. This is just a waste of time and effort. An SEO agency in Los Angeles can create customer profiles to help you identify the best influencers to go after.

Don’t Fall for Large Follower Numbers

It’s hard to ignore an influencer that has millions of followers, but as mentioned, this can be a double-edged sword. This doesn’t mean that those with a ton of followers aren’t right for you. The key is to identify who their subscribers are and determine what percentage of their list is made up of your target audience. If they have thousands, then they should be added to your circle of influencers.

We’ve seen brands with as little as 100,000 followers that were able to yield better results than those with a million followers. So it’s about the quality of the followers, not the quantity.

Build Long-Term Relationships with Influencers

In order for influencer marketing to work, it takes consistent promotion. So asking one to promote your brand one time isn’t going to suffice. However, if you want them to continuously share your content and promotions, you need to build a relationship with them. The best way to form a solid relationship is to offer something in return. Don’t just reach out to them when you want something. Be supportive of their efforts, just as you would a friend.

Also, be upfront about what it is you desire. Some influencers are willing to offer discounted prices if they know you will partner with them for the long-term. The longer you work with an influencer, the more acquainted the two of you will become with each other’s content styles and audience. This will make collaborations more effective in the future. So definitely consider this instead of doing one-off promotions with varying influencers.

Make Your Campaigns Interesting

Social media influencers gained their following by stepping out of the mold and offering content that is interesting and relevant. Keep this in mind as you’re designing your campaigns. Find ways to keep your content fresh, engaging and fun. This will help followers to engage with your posts by commenting, sharing and liking it. It will also make influencers more willing to post your content on their feeds. Another tip – don’t make your content salesy because this will only get a backlash from followers. The more informative and entertaining you make it, the better.

To make your influencer campaign even more effective, you need to include a comprehensive strategy. This can be developed by an SEO agency in Los Angeles that offers professional services. Tying together influencer marketing and search engine optimization will help to ensure your content gets max visibility.

Hopefully, these tips will help you create or improve your outreach strategy. Start putting together a list of influencers you can potentially build strong relationships with.

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