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Owning a franchise can be a wonderful head start in business, representing a reputable brand can work in your favor in a multitude of ways, of course. You likely don’t need to invest much in product advertising, growing brand identity, and dealing with the back-end of the business e.i. product development and engineering, production, and all the facets of the company that corporate handles. However, while owning a franchise can be beneficial in business, it can also be the cause for crippling inter-franchise competition that pulls from your sales and makes it exceptionally difficult to acquire new and invaluable customers. How can you set your franchise apart from all the other tributaries, especially in your surrounding area? Well, SEO and digital media marketing is the most cost-effective, ‘behind-the-curtain’ approach to growing any business- especially franchises.

Most large franchises, such as car companies, clothing brands, and restaurant chains invest in wide sweeping marketing strategies that won’t be able to cater to the individual retail shops. If your franchise is currently using a corporate picked SEO or marketing agency to improve business, it may be time to rethink your approach. At I Think A Idea, we use our expertise in digital media marketing to get your franchise back on the map and increase your online viewer numbers while driving traffic to not only your site- but straight to your doors.

Using our intimate, client-specific SEO strategies and marketing knowledge, we tailor our services to each franchise, because we understand the necessity for a personal approach to business marketing.

There is a lot of work that goes into one SEO strategy. We utilize different angles, we carefully examine what facet of your marketing approach is not working, and either improve or ditch those unyielding strategies altogether. We draft a course of action and then stick to it- because gaining viewers and driving traffic to your online platforms is not something that happens overnight. A fair analogy for how SEO strategies come to fruition could be likened to that of cultivating a plant. You first plant the seed, add water, nurture it, practice patience, watch it grow, and then slightly alter the water/light ratios to ensure your plant is thriving. We take a similar approach to SEO marketing. Like all good things, SEO takes a bit of time- which means it is authentic, pragmatic and sustained. There is virtually no good “over-night” or instantaneous method for yielding instant results when employing marketing strategies. We understand that, and we encourage our clients to see the big picture. Steady and successful growth over months is what will effectively produce the results your business is looking for.


Because we want to share our approach and help businesses better understand the components that make up a successful marketing plan, we have crafted a list of some of the top strategies we use while tackling a marketing make-over.

What You’ll Need:

  • Local SEO Strategy

Because you are in close competition with other like businesses as well as your sibling franchises, it is necessary to craft a successful local SEO strategy. For this, our goal is to drive potential clients away from surrounding businesses, and convince people that your location and your business is the top choice. To do this, we utilize location targeting keywords to show up under other location searches, thus driving online traffic to your specific franchise, and away from others. We also ensure that you are ‘on the map’. Making sure that your business has registered your location with Google My Business, is a sure way to pop up when people do a quick map search in their surrounding area. Any business that hasn’t yet registered their location, is losing out on one of the most crucial (and free) platforms for getting customers through the door.

  • A Great Website

One of the ways we see companies falling short of their competition is by having an outdated or hard-to-use website. This is a big hindrance to gaining new customers or even retaining past clients. If a website does not have all of the necessary and useful information readily available, visible and within plain sight, people are going to leave the site within under ten seconds. Even if the site is just outdated aesthetically, you’ll lose potential customers. A great website should be super user-friendly, attractive, and offer these key pages:

-a landing page with a brief description of the service or product

-products/ services page with photos/video footage

-about us page

-blog (this is where the articles/blog posts/ updates live)

-contact page

-location with a map shot

-hours and days open

-testimonials/ case studies


  • Original Content

One of the best ways we drive traffic to a site while garnering a high ranking on search engine result pages is by producing content in the form of blogs, articles, listicles and informative landing pages. This wealth of content helps Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc determine that your business has relevant and useful information and as a result, will rank your website higher on the results feed.


  • Positive Customer Reviews

It is exceedingly crucial in today’s review crazed market to ensure that your business is receiving positive reviews. If you’re lacking a substantial amount of client testimonials or written reviews on your online platform, you relinquish credibility, regardless of how sound your business is. People need to know that they can trust your product and that others had a positive experience working with you. Encouraging past clients to write a review or give you a testimonial will undoubtedly improve your credibility and drive customers in. Registering your business with Yelp is another major facilitating power in gaining credibility and allowing searchers to easily find your business.


  • Building Better Brand Identity

As an SEO and Media Marketing Agency, without a doubt, one of the most significant deciding factors in the success of a business is their relative social media. Today, social media is a serious determining facet of any business. People want to work with or buy from a brand that has a flourishing online presence and an attention-grabbing feed. Brand identity is huge in generating positive relationships with customers, updating clientele on specials and upcoming events, displaying products, and garnering brand loyalty. We look at your social media platforms and work to improve its content and advise on growth strategies.


  • SEO Audit, Clean Up and Building Backlinks

When we undertake any marketing transformation, one of the initial services we provide is an SEO audit and cleaning up backlink clutter to effectively remove unnecessary interlinking. Then, we set out building successful backlinks to improve search engine ranking. A backlink is a webpage that links to any other page. In the past, backlinks were the major metric and a large deciding factor for the ranking of a webpage. A page with a lot of backlinks tended to rank higher on all major search engines, including Google. This is one of the more extensive and hearty services we provide during our SEO strategy.

With these main components, we are able to successfully illuminate any business and ensure it’s ranking and viewing traffic significantly increases month after month. Maintaining a well-earned position on a search results page is also very crucial in traffic upkeep. When working with franchises, we find it increasingly important to work in an effectively competitive approach to the surrounding franchises and drive business away from its competitors- and towards the client. At I Think An Idea, we want to see your business thrive.

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