I Guarantee It! Are SEO Services guaranteed?

Guaranteed SEO Services

Sure, that new suit comes with a money back guarantee but what about your new SEO Agency? Is there such a thing as a guarantee on results?


Many people will tell you that there are no guarantees in life. There are too many variables and too many people for anything to be a truly sure thing. As in all things in life, there is no such thing as guaranteed SEO services. In the past, it was easy to guarantee SEO to clients because it was simpler world with far fewer nuances and rules governing the system. But now, it is a sham if somebody says they can guarantee you a place at the #1 spot on Google.

So if there’s no such thing as guaranteed SEO services, why would an internet marketing agency offer it to me?

Here are the bitter truths for why nobody can guarantee you anything in the world of digital marketing:

  • Google is very secretive about the rules they are currently using to choose who is at the top of their search results, and why. Because the rules are always changing it is next to impossible to guarantee you anything in this business because we, the companies, have almost no control over anything. How can you promise something you have absolutely no control over?
  • Based on where you’re located, the rankings make a huge difference. Your search results will come up quite differently for someone in Los Angeles versus someone in Wisconsin. This instability of the results is another big reason why guaranteed SEO is a bad thing for any SEO agency to offer.
  • Also, your ranking on Google has very little to do with how much traffic, or how many conversions you are making as a result of your online marketing efforts. You may be ranked really high up on the search results for a few different keywords, but is your placement there doing anything for you conversion rate? How much extra business has it actually generated?
  • Finally, it’s pretty irresponsible for an internet marketing agency to offer you something they can’t promise. That’s like a company that makes olive oil guaranteeing that everything you cook with their product will be delicious. What if you’re a terrible cook? The same goes for SEO, because SEO is in the hands of the people running the search engines, not the company trying to get to the top of it.

Bottom line: you should never trust a company that tells you that they can offer you guaranteed SEO services because they really can’t, and they’re probably just trying to run with your money.

So if you’ve fallen victim to the “guaranteed SEO” gimmick, don’t fall for it twice. Call I Think An Idea and we’ll give you solutions to your digital marketing needs, not empty promises.

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