How to Use Personal Branding to Enhance Your Business

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One mistake we see companies making in their marketing strategies is not incorporating personal branding. It’s perceived as a tool for one-man show businesses and entrepreneurs. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Putting a face to your brand is essential if you want your company to sustain itself in today’s time. Consumers are looking to connect to and buy from companies that are human. So if personal branding isn’t a part of your online reputation management strategy, then it’s time to add it.

The benefits associated with personal branding are too hard to ignore. If done correctly, you can enlist a large following of customers and prospects. Having a personal brand may or may not give you competitive edge, but it will definitely help to grow your business. Today, it seems that consumers require businesses to have some type of personal branding going on.

Let’s review how personal branding can potentially help your business.

Harness the Power of Employees’ Personal Brands

If you have employees, you can harness the power of their online presence as well. It doesn’t have to only be your company’s personal brand that does all the leg work. Here’s how your employees’ can potentially help your business:

  • Employees that share brand messaging on their social media accounts get 561 percent more reach than business shared these messages.
  • Messages shared by brands are re-shared 24 times more often when its posted by employees than the company.
  • Employees, on average, have ten times the followers than their employers’ companies.
  • The content employees share have eight times the user engagement than brand channels.

The issue here is that you’re placing your online reputation management in the hands of your employees. It’s very important to establish a social media marketing plan that consists of rules, so no one steps out of line. The last thing you need is a backlash against your brand because an employee decided to share something that wasn’t ethical or consistent with your company’s messaging.

Personal Branding Can Boost Your Sales

Your employees’ personal brands can also help enhance your marketing and sales. Data shows social media activities of employees can convert seven times more than other leads. If you have sales reps on social media, who are using their sales techniques, then this is a plus. Sales reps outsell their peers who don’t use social media by 78 percent.

Research also shows that 92 percent of consumers trust individuals over brands, which is why it’s important for your company and its workers to have personal brands. If you can’t gain the trust of your customers, then you will lose them at the gate.

Content marketing is a must if you want your social media strategies to work. You can hire online reputation management services in Los Angeles that can do this for you. Companies that make blogging a priority tend to have 13 times more positive ROI than those that don’t.

Remember, consistency is a must. It takes consumers between five and seven impressions in order to remember a brand. This means they need to be seeing your content and social media posts consistently.

Building Your Online Reputation

Personal branding can help improve your online reputation. Reputation damage is a top concern for various businesses around the world. About 88 percent of companies say they are focusing explicitly on reputation risk.

Another 87 percent say their online reputation is more essential than other strategic risks being faced by their companies. Forty-one percent of respondents in this survey said a reputation risk event caused revenue loss, making it the biggest impact on their company’s livelihood.

If you’re serious about growing your business, then personal branding is an absolute must. If you need assistance, consult with an Online Reputation Management services expert today.

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