How to sell my website? Find out where and how much your website is worth!


Are you considering selling your website? Selling a website is an art in these times; this process involves much more than putting a price on your company on the Internet; you must turn your website into a profitable business, with a lot of traffic and that generates profits. There are many factors to consider!

In this blog, we will give you a step-by-step guide to put a realistic price and know how to sell your website.

Do you have ‘that spark’ of a seller on? You should know that selling an online business and its respective website, or any other project on the Internet, can be the easiest thing in the world. However, not all of them are those who sell digital companies, they have the necessary knowledge for the art of sales, and less in the online world!

Now the question is what should I consider if I want to sell my website? Selling a website is not like selling encyclopedias! A little more knowledge is required. To give you an idea, your sweet and clever words of the traditional seller will not be enough, but the numbers are the ones that will speak for you.

You need to check the level of optimization of the Web, its statistics of visits and conversions, determine what its focus is and define what economic value you expect to obtain for it. Anyone can sell their website, but few achieve a good sale price for their website and Internet business.

Therefore, if you hope to get a fair and attractive offer when selling your website, then you should follow some tips to increase your chances of it.

Like most, do you want positive results in a short time? You have to know that a good SEO web positioning will help you to get potential buyers quickly, so it may be convenient for you to start the sale project of your website with a little professional SEO help.

There are many SEO Strategies that experts can apply to your business to increase its value and improve its presence on the Internet, so do not hesitate to ask SEO consultants for help.

Before you start, do you know the value of your business?

Knowing the real value of your business is key to knowing how to sell your website. Although it sounds logical, putting a price on a Web page can be very complex, especially when you have no idea what aspects investors are evaluating or what potential buyers are relying on to determine an exact figure.

These are some of the aspects that weigh the most when selling a Web page:

  • Business scalability,
  • Growth trend,
  • Search engine positioning,
  • Sales and profits.

An astute investor will compare your Web page with other similar ones that have already been sold, and thus will be able to define its price. Also, he will study what profits that online business can leave him in the short and long term, so if your website is promising for him, do not doubt that in a short time you will be shaking hands.

Otherwise, you have to start working as soon as possible to turn your website into an attractive, promising and profitable business.

Know who you will sell your website to and how to conquer it

As we said at the beginning of the blog, not just anybody, no matter how much salesperson skills he has, can successfully sell his business on the internet. When you try to sell your website, you will find different buyers and investors, so your offer must be specific to each of these.

Every good seller must know his audience because this way he can create a strategy to conquer it. There are several types of buyers on the internet, and getting an ideal deal with one or the other will depend on the state of your business.

When you auction your business, you will have to deal with different buyers and investors, so you should design a specific offer for each one.



Below are some of the kind of buyers you can run into.

Traditional entrepreneurs: This type of buyer is the one who has just left behind his physical company, for example, a traditional store on the street, and is going to debut in online businesses. You may want to scale up your already successful local internet business.

Inexperienced buyers: they are those who are starting out in the business world and are going to buy their first website.

Online entrepreneurs: they are entrepreneurs who already have experience buying a business on the internet. They have already come a long way closing deals and they know perfectly what they are looking for and how they are looking for it. In general, they are demanding and punctual with the aspects they seek and value on a Web page.

Private equity firms: These are major firms that are looking for investment opportunities. Of course, this type of buyer is focused on making large injections of money, to achieve great profits, so it points to promising websites that already have good dividends.

Make your business profitable, before selling it

The idea of ​​investing in something is to be confident that you will make a profit, right? Unless someone is the world’s worst investor, they will then invest in an unprofitable business.

We are not saying that all investments have to be successful at first, but for the recipe to have a chance to take hold, it is necessary to be sure that the success rate is high. These possibilities are low (or almost nil) when you have an unprofitable website, with a low conversion rate and terrible traffic.

Before deciding to sell your website, you must make it a profitable business, work to increase your Internet presence and improve your conversions/sales.

Many of these objectives, you will achieve with good SEO and a little online marketing strategy, but with effort! If you do not listen to experts, you may find a buyer for your website today, but it will offer you a low price, much lower than its real sales possibilities.

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