How to independently increase blog traffic

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Once upon a time, when they were first born, blogs acted as a tool with which you could share your thoughts and ideas with the world, tell something from your life. However, there has recently been a revolution in blogging and site-building- now a blog or site (currently the boundary between these two concepts is blurred) acts as a powerful business tool. Also, a blog or website itself can be a full-fledged business. This inevitably leads to the fact that many webmasters are wondering how you can increase traffic to your site.

Few people around the world create a blog with enthusiasm, to realize after a few days or weeks that no one visits their content. And it is then that the question is posed: “How to increase visits to my blog?” Exactly, that is what this post is about: today we will share with you five infallible suggestions to multiply the number of visits to your blog and improve the reach of your contents. Here we go!

How to increase visits to my blog? 5 infallible tips for bloggers:

1- Define the type of traffic your blog needs

When people ask “How to increase visits to my blog?” They rarely stop to consider that not all traffic is constructive. Indeed, the quality of your audience will depend to a large extent on the objectives of your blog, and to whom your content is directed. In addition, defining these points will allow you to determine which the most convenient channels to circulate your articles are.

Consequently, we advise you to establish the characteristics of the traffic you need, based on the goals set for your blog. This is the previous step you need to then guide your decisions in terms of dissemination in Social Networks and digital marketing. And even more: to set the agenda of contents that you will treat in your blog. Remember that knowing your audience is the only way to provide articles relevant to their interests.

2- Make sure your blog is present in Social Networks

Once you have defined the audience of your content, it is time to go to meeting. It is not enough to publish an article to increase visits to your blog; you also have to promote it actively. Now, what is the ideal space to find your audience? We bet you already know the answer: Social Networks.

There are various effective techniques to help your articles arrive and be promoted in Social Media. One of them is to add social buttons to your blog. So for example, if your site is hosted in WordPress, I advise you to use this plugin so that users can share your content with their contacts. We also recommend you schedule posts with links to your articles to be present in the Social Networks at every moment of the day.

3- Take advantage of the power of Keywords

As recently explained in a post to improve SEO Ranking, the keywords are essential instruments when it comes to reaching your audience. Why? Because they help you position your content in search engines like Google. The idea is that the keywords used in your articles correspond to the terms searched most used by users, so that your articles are the first thing you see after entering them in the search engine.

4- Check that the quality of your content is high

One of the most effective answers to the question “How to increase visits to my blog?” has to do with the quality control of your content. In other words, your blog may not be receiving more traffic because your articles do not really offer added value to your audience. To guide you in this point, try to answer the following questions: is my blog entertaining? Are my articles useful, or fun? Do I talk about topics that interest users?

5- Make sure your blog design is comfortable and intuitive

Finally, I recommend you check the design of your blog, to make sure it is easy to navigate. To achieve this goal, try to organize your content in clear categories and offer easy-to-understand menus. Also, at this point, it is important that you consider optimizing your mobile blog, since not only more and more people are connecting from these terminals, but it is also the only way for Google to show your blog in the results of searches made from phones.

Also, be sure to include access to your social accounts on your blog, so that users can easily follow you on Social Media. Along with this, you must not forget to place a subscription box for visitors to enter their emails and be aware of your publications. Also, this will help you generate a database for subsequent advertising campaigns. Finally, remember to use attractive images throughout your site.


Of course, when writing an article, it is important to use relevant keywords, but you should also not forget that not too many keywords should organically fit into the text.


Internal linking on your site will please not only search robots, but also your readers, because it will make it much easier for them to get acquainted with the content of your site.


Do not neglect the use of plug-ins that contribute to the optimization of the site – they greatly help in retaining users and even know how to manipulate the search engine.


Do not overuse categories too much on a small or medium sized blog. In this case, only 15-20 will suffice.


Using a link to your blog on an authoritative resource (which are, for example, popular social networks) can improve the attitude of search engines towards it. In addition, your article posted on social networks will immediately be available to hundreds of your friends and friends of friends.


The arrival of new traffic thanks to SEO is certainly good, but why not increase your new post views (and, at the same time, the number of comments) by telling your friends and acquaintances, colleagues and even your boss about the new article (why not!).

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