How to estimate the price of SEO Services?

SEO services

The estimate of the price for the realization of an SEO campaign for a website. For several years, we have been supporting you in natural referencing (SEO) by finding for you the techniques, tools and new trends to optimize the visibility of your website.

Become essential for web companies, whether e-merchants, service providers or any other activity, knowing how to properly reference your pages on Google and other search engines is insurance to receive regular traffic on its site and gain new customers. But you probably already know that natural referencing has a cost. Whether human or financial, effective SEO optimization requires a short, medium or long term investment and requires essential technical skills.

What price(s) for an SEO campaign?

Perhaps you are in the process of requesting SEO services from competent people? So you must have realized the difficulty of obtaining precise prices and noticed significant variations. In the midst of all these prices, it even becomes difficult to navigate and this is not surprising. And it is often at this precise moment that the crucial question arises: how much does an SEO campaign cost?

There is not really THE right answer to this question. The price of SEO Services is evaluated according to several factors often related to your situation, the objectives that you have set and the means that you will devote to it. In reality, the right question to ask yourself is “how much are you willing to spend on this campaign?”

To help you, we have gathered some elements that will help you in defining the budget to plan for your SEO campaign and to get an idea of ​​what will make it inflate (or not).

Factors influencing the price of SEO services

There are a large number of factors that will cause prices to go up or down. Which are they? Where do these price differences come from? Can we expect quality SEO at a ridiculous cost?

Here are some explanations that will help you understand why these prices can vary from one extreme to another and thus help you better assess the services that will be offered to you.


Natural referencing is a complex and technical discipline. It requires real know-how, advanced knowledge, and skills, but also effective analysis techniques.

The higher the objectives set and the results to be achieved, the more the work to be performed will require a high level of expertise and high standards. And as with any quality service, it comes at a price.

So beware of overly enticing offers! They may not be in line with your expectations. Behind low-cost services sometimes hides work done on the surface, content not optimized for SEO, and sometimes even practices in violation of the directives in force which will make you run the risk of a penalty.

Our advice

Have you applied for SEO services to several professionals and you receive any type of price for optimizing your site? Make sure you are dealing with trusted SEO providers by checking their references.

Take the time to analyze a service at a higher cost than you had imagined. It may guarantee you lasting visibility, and therefore, a better return on investment.

Do not neglect the specifications. The more precise it is, the more the SEO services offered will be in line with your expectations and the more the related costs will be consistent.


The time that passes but also the time that we spend there.

SEO changes, as does your SEO. It evolves quickly, the rules and the techniques too. It is an extremely competitive specialty, the referencing varies according to the algorithms and the arrival of new competitors. Although aggressive campaigns can be useful, there are no techniques that can instantly get good SEO and maintain this performance effortlessly.

In addition to a permanent watch, essential to anticipate new trends, several weeks, even months, are necessary between the definition of an SEO strategy, its deployment and the arrival of the first results. The amount of work can, therefore, be significant before reaching the visibility that you have set for yourself.

Our advice

Think of your SEO investment as a long-term investment. The real value of an optimization campaign for your website is the result of extensive work over several months.

Consider incorporating this “time” factor into your specifications. The remuneration of an SEO professional constitutes the major part of the cost of SEO service and is often defined by the number of working days required.

If you plan to manage your SEO internally, it is often necessary to use several profiles to carry out your SEO campaign according to the objectives set. Do not neglect this aspect in the construction of your work plan and your budget.


Yes, we saved the best for last: you! You will surely have guessed, we are talking about your website here. The size, nature, native optimizations and current positioning of your website directly impact the price of SEO services, and sometimes even more severely than the other variables.

Indeed, it will be easier and faster to optimize a blog of 100 pages, with the optimal loading speed and well-positioned in the search engines; than an e-commerce site of 10,000 pages or more, with a loosely structured breadcrumb trail that does not appear in the first 10 results.

The technologies used to develop your website will also have an impact if they are too complex, rare or old. Not all SEO experts have the same technical skills, and some skills are more expensive than others.

Our advice

Analyze your situation correctly. SEO services do not necessarily have the same value since they adapt to you: your structure, your competition, your website, your objectives, your needs for advice, support and your expectations in terms of results.

Make sure to offer user-centered navigation: responsive design, security, speed, etc.

Do not neglect the SEO step even if the situation and the objectives to be achieved seem complicated to you. A well-referenced website is a vector of development for your business by bringing visibility.

The essential steps for effective natural referencing

An effective SEO campaign is above all-knowing and mastering a few essential steps. Essentials on auditing, content creation or the generation of backlinks, which should not be missed. Here is a compilation of SEO tips and tricks to read or rediscover.



The audit of a website is a complete and detailed analysis that provides you with valuable information that should be taken into account to improve the user experience as well as your marketing strategy.

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