How much does SEO cost?


SEO is necessary for the success of your business, but how much does it cost? In this blog, we will explain in detail what the SEO prices and fees are and what determines their cost.

Many clients consult experts with the doubt about what budget they should allocate to the SEO of their Internet business, are you one of those? In that case, we are going to make it easy for you, because today we come to tell you how much SEO services cost and what influences their price.

Determining the price of SEO can be a paradox since, in order to define costs and fees, many aspects that influence the scope of SEO Services must be considered.

In addition, the type of service and its price varies from one company to another, so you will find offers for hourly payment, package payment, monthly payments, annuities, in short. There is great diversity when it comes to hiring SEO consultants!

The cost and price of SEO services will depend on the type of SEO expert/s you hire, the method of payment, the strategy to use available time and the desired result.

So which service to choose? How much does SEO cost? In this blog, we are going to reveal to you how the SEO price is determined and what influences its cost. At the same time, we invite you to learn about the several SEO Web positioning services available to you, with which you will be able to optimize your Internet business and go a step ahead of your competition in web search engines like Google. Let’s start as soon as possible!

What are SEO prices and what influences them?

In order to calculate the prices of SEO services, it is important to consider certain factors, such as the type of service that needs to be contracted, the strategy to be used and the desired result.

Based on this, it can be said that the price of SEO is directly influenced by the current position of your website, the objectives you have and the speed with which you want to achieve your goals.

There are many variables that can be included in what we have called ‘current position of your Web page’; some are the type of content you have, is it quality or can it be considered thin or thin content?, the structure and web design used, correct domains and links, local SEO, and many others.

The good relationship that your business has with these factors will determine the SEO price or rate.

Many believe that SEO is just about positioning a keyword and creating inbound links (backlinks), but SEO goes far beyond Web positioning.

An SEO strategy requires maintenance and updates, week by week, to ensure that a Web page remains in the first results.

On the other hand, paying for SEO services is not an expense, it is an investment. In fact, you should see it as an asset that will leave you great benefits in the short, medium and long term.

It is important that you understand that SEO services do not have to be a hole in your pocket, but that they are so flexible that they adapt to your budget and your objectives. Little by little, we will explain it to you!

Beware of low-cost SEO, it can be very expensive!

When hiring an SEO company, you must be very smart, because you will come across SEO service offers that seem like a real bargain, and you do not want to waste them. However, this does not mean that these companies provide you with a quality SEO service.

These “sloppy” SEO companies “low cost”, usually promise to “promise gold and moor”, but in the long run, they will only leave you a Google penalty or send you to the pit of the results lists of this giant search engine, for not doing things the right way.

What we are saying is that SEO takes work and time, and you don’t get positioning, inbound links, quality traffic, among other things, just by snapping the magic fingers of SEO.

These companies, without true SEO experience or knowledge, operate according to a Black Hat SEO scheme. And that you want to avoid! We must clarify that we are not saying that you have to pay thousands of dollars for the SEO that they offer you to be of quality and give results, but suggesting that with 50 dollars a month the objectives of a business are achieved.

What kind of SEO service providers are there?

As we were saying, there are many low-cost and low-quality SEO companies out there, so you must be very attentive and be very clear about what you are looking for in the SEO professional or professionals, so that you can choose the most adequate, adapted to your budget and objectives, without having to compromise the quality of the service.


Freelance SEO Professional (Freelancer)

The Freelancer is a type of SEO provider that is very attractive for small companies or businesses, with very limited budgets, and one of its biggest advantages is that it is efficient for small jobs related to a small or medium web page.

On the other hand, its biggest disadvantage is that perhaps this Freelancer does not have all the most appropriate tools, usually with very high monthly costs, to guide you and develop such a comprehensive SEO plan for your company, as an SEO study or agency could do for you, or an efficient marketing campaign that lasts for the long term.

Another drawback is that, although these suppliers are responsible and fulfil their commitments, they cannot commit themselves and accompany your company as it grows. This is because, as your company grows, there comes a time when, due to their condition of being a single independent worker, they cannot specialize in each and every one of the SEO techniques you may need: advanced programming of your CMS, SEO Copywriting, dealing with influencers, inbound link campaign, collaborations with other Blogs, etc.

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