How long does it take to get a good SEO positioning?


Surely you’re still baffled by knowing how long it takes to position a page in google? Or at least achieve results with the variations for that keyword you have chosen, before let me tell you that while organic SEO brings many more benefits than PPC campaigns “Cost per click” also requires an initial job that includes creation of content, generate outbound links, promotion in social networks, among other extra tasks.

In the first place a site with authority and that is considered by Google as a serious web and that has permanence on the web will have many more possibilities to rank (achieve positions in google) quickly, in front of a new site because it has to go through different instances of inspection that is part of the Google algorithm.

A clear example you can see in online newspapers, which are sites that index quickly, and when publishing recent news, these quickly appear as first for current issues.

Just in these days, it occurred to me to think of an always delicate issue: the time necessary to obtain positive results in terms of SEO positioning. An effective SEO marketing strategy must also define goals and deadlines.

The client asks us for a service, we study the project, we offer a budget, and if they accept us, we start working. Here, however, there is an essential issue to get the acceptance of the clients: the duration of the work or the contract. Often the work to be done is maintenance: carry out a standard activity regularly without strategic objectives.

The typical example of this can be found in the maintenance contracts of web pages (security or content updates, etc.) On the other side, in most cases, it is aimed at complex objectives, and nothing generic, but very specific. Clearly, it is about turning your website into a tool that has to help sell and bill more. But, through what objectives?

It is, through SEO positioning strategies, to turn your website into a tool that has to help sell and bill more to your company

How long does it take to position a web page on Google?

Perfect but, how long will it take to achieve the objectives?

This is where we differentiate the strategic work of a professional website from one that is simply a business presentation card of a company.

You have to understand and identify your audience/target customer; you have to identify specific strategies and write the content in terms of SEO copywriting. But once these points are clarified, the question arises: how long does it take to position a website on Google? The correct answer, and sincere, is that you cannot know for sure.

Or better yet, we cannot make accurate predictions. We can say that, with a continuous rhythm and with the right flow of resources, a web page can reach the budgeted steps within a year despite being in a very competitive sector. Sometimes these deadlines have been shortened a lot, and in others, they have lengthened. The question here is to make a detailed and quality study, also of the competition in the sector, to be able to venture deadlines.

The importance of the overview when we talk about SEO

What happens with the sales objective? When can you increase sales with your website? To get results in such a specific context, you have to involve different figures.

Nowadays, the work of an SEO consultant is very linked to the creation of contents. Web positioning is not currently understood without correct content management, creation, dissemination of the same in social networks, etc.

All this to reach an even more important point: does the product or service you want to promote have demand on the Internet, is it enough to justify your investment in online marketing? Do you have a competitive price? Is your web well done, does it have a good content structure? Is it fast? Does the design help the user’s response? Do you respond quickly to the search intention of the users? Often some clients want miracles from the SEO positioning campaign, which they sometimes reach almost as a last resort when things are not going well.

The question of how long it will take us to get it is not the most correct: all the strategy of this world will not replace the importance of a joint and multi-area strategy.

Compare with our competition

A good strategy starts with a good study about the competition. There are several tools for the analysis of online competition, ranging from the usual to obviously going through those provided by Google itself, such as Google Trends, Google Adwords tools, etc.

This is again the confirmation that it is necessary to resort to professionals to plan the activities of online marketing. With the relevant times. Knowing, for example, what investment in terms of CPC is done around a keyword can be the right step to have a first idea of the months and investments needed to address web positioning of that particular keyword.

In addition, these tools also allow you to calculate the index of difficulty of a keyword, which for Semrush means to evaluate: “The estimate of the difficulty of having a good ranking among the results of the organic search of a certain keyword. The higher the percentage, the greater the difficulty in obtaining a high ranking for a given keyword.

The time needed to obtain results in SEO

Asking how long it will take us is almost mandatory. Everyone wants this data. But the advice we can give clients behind an effective web marketing strategy is simple.

Often in some agencies, there are very optimistic deadlines to “tie the contract” and get a new customer and with it more billing. But as the days go by, you realize that the situation is more complex and that in the required period you will not be able to satisfy the requirements customer needs. That nevertheless has received certain guarantees and promises. These situations can be very annoying for all parties, and we must avoid them with everything that is honest, clear, and, above all, technically accurate.

So the advice is always the same: use maximum clarity and do not improvise certainties. On the other hand, we suggest another point to the client: listen to the professional. If you have decided to hire an SEO consultant, you have to trust him. If after a thorough study we say that you need a minimum of 6 months to get certain results, for your part you have to do an internal study to know if you are interested in addressing this investment.

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