How an Image Can Make or Break a Social Media Campaign


Yes it is true, content is extremely important in any social media campaign. In fact, it cannot be stressed enough how important it is that a social marketing campaign delivers compelling content to readers. This content ensures that the campaign will enjoy long term success. However, it is important not to discount the ability of an image to make or break a social media campaign. Remember that social media is a fast moving world. Individuals do not sit down to read Twitter the way they would sit down to read a book. More often than not, the content that is released on a site like Twitter is either picked up or ignored by the user based on presentation.

If a user is presented with information in a manner that does not draw their attention to the content, then the user is likely to pass it up and continue on to something more visually compelling. This happens because social media is by and large a visually medium, and therefore users are constantly in search of something that pops and catches their attention. Individuals use social media because they want to be caught up in something that is interesting on a large social scale. Social media marketers have to ensure that they are doing everything they can to catch those users that want to be caught.

Social media marketing is a lot like cooking. You can make the most hearty and delicious meal available on the market, but if you put that meal on a really unappealing plate it is not going to get eaten. Studies have shown that we eat with our eyes and the same is true in the marketing world. Professional SEO companies like I Think an Idea understand this and that is why they combine top of the line content with visual elements that offer social media users a complete package.

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