How Data Driven Marketing Helps Predict Buyer Behavior

Marketing has always been a complex field of business to operate in. The advent of the Internet has made the job of marketers even more peculiar – in some cases this is a good thing. The World Wide Web has granted marketers a crystal ball into the lives of consumers. We are now able to collect data about things that were never possible before. Local SEO companies are taking advantage of this by developing sound Internet marketing strategies. This oftentimes includes services like content marketing, social media marketing and online reputation management.

The amount of data we’re able to collect about consumers is paramount and shouldn’t be overlooked. To some entrepreneurs, big data is intimidating. Even if you’re just a one-man show, there is a way to sift through all the noise and get the insights required to propel your business or brand forward.

The following benefits can be realized when you integrate a data-driven approach into your marketing strategy.

You Can Document Buyers’ Journeys

There are multiple touch points customers make throughout their purchasing journey. Touch points like webforms, website analytics, email marketing and social media stats can all provide a view into the behaviors of prospects. After collecting the data, you have to determine what to do with it. According to Pardot, 70 percent of the customer journey is done well before they contact sales. With that in mind, use the data to determine what’s working and what isn’t. SEO companies excel at assisting local businesses with identifying their customer’s journey on the Web.

Determine How Prospects Want to Interact with You

With the use of data-gathering technologies, you’re able to keep track of personas in real time and see what they respond to. You can then segment them using the info you’ve collected. For instance, you may learn certain groups of people would rather be emailed, while others like to interact on social media. You can also learn what types of content engages them.

Find Out Who Your Best Customers Are

You may have some idea of who your customers are, but who are they really? After digging through data, you may learn that your prospects are someone completely different than you anticipated. You can now collect data that will tell you how recently a customer purchased, how often they purchase and how much was spent. This data alone will give you an idea of who your top customers are.

Thinking about incorporating data into your strategy? Consider working with local SEO companies. This way, you have experts who can adequately analyze your data.

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