How Being the ‘Best Answer’ Can Help Your Business & SEO

Internet is a whole world of it's own. If you own an e-commerce website it's important to keep an eye on reviews your customers are writing about you on the internet in order to grow and safeguard the future of your business.

Every brand with an online presence should strive to provide its audience with the best possible answers. You’re consistently competing for the attention of prospects and customers, and if your competition is providing better insights and information, then expect your audience to venture over to those brands. Every customer has questions they need answered – it’s up to you to find out what and to give the best answer. Los Angeles experts that offer SEO services know the growing importance of content that answers questions. It is increasingly becoming one of the best forms of content marketing. It’s effective at generating traffic and even boosting sales, when done correctly. A professional SEO service in Los Angeles can help your company achieve great results in this arena.

Why You Should Care About Being the Best Answer

There are a number of benefits you can reap by being awarded the best answer. For one, it can help earn your site backlinks. People like to share and bookmark links they find highly informative. All you have to do is take the most frequently asked questions section and turn each question into a comprehensive article. The more links your site receives, the more authority you’ll establish. It will also help to boost your rankings. Eventually, when people type in the question, your answer will show up in the answer box on Google.

The second reason you should strive to be the best answer is because it’s highly rewarding. As with anything with high stakes, there’s also lots of competition. You can’t settle for being second best. It’s a winner takes all game, since there’s only one spot for the best answer on Google. According to BuzzSumo, tthe best answers perform significantly better than other posts. Second place tends to receive less than a tenth of the links that the top answer receives.

Best Answers Are Evergreen

There’s potential for long-term ranking since the answers you post for common questions are evergreen. These are questions people will always ask for years to come. You can find best answers written from seven years ago still at the top as the best answer. Imagine the return on investment due to the longevity of each best answer you achieve.

Go After Links and Shares

Some content warrants a share and others a saved link. As a brand, you should look to obtain both. Data shows that certain types of content receive more of one than the other, for instance, quizzes get more shares, while best answers tend to get links. Long-form answer posts can potentially earn you both links and shares, so this is the sweet spot to aim for. SEO services los angeles can be used in Los Angeles to help you achieve this.

What’s Considered a Best Answer?

There are numerous elements found within the best answer posts. For one, your post should thoroughly address whatever question your audience is asking. It’s important to make sure that the questions you answer are popularly asked, otherwise, no one will look for it, let alone link to or share it.

The topic of your answer should promise something that your readers find valuable. Maybe they’re looking to buy, use, create, or do something they couldn’t before reading your post. How-to titles and other powerful titles can help with user engagement and boost your rankings.

Lastly, ensure that the answer you provide has credibility and authority. Either you have the expertise to demonstrate what you’re saying or you’re using the research conducted by another. Examples and case studies can also help to prove your points. A Los Angeles agency that offers SEO services can help form a plan to give your answers the best chance of a top ranking.

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