Home Improvement Industries: SEO and Marketing Strategies

SEO and Marketing Strategies

As an established SEO and Digital Media Marketing agency, I Think An Idea specializes in helping our clients flourish in the competitive field of the Home Improvement industry. This market is vast and varied and it can be difficult to break into. Our years of learned expertise working with Home Improvement businesses have fostered a true grasp of what it takes to excel and stand out in this oversaturated market. If you want to expand your business and contend with your surrounding interior design firms, architects, suppliers, and construction companies, you’ll have to introduce SEO Marketing and Digital Media strategies as an integral part of your business. Due to the vastness of the Home Improvement Industry, we’ve separated the four main niches into discerning categories; Interior Design, Architecture, Suppliers, and Carpentry.

Interior Design

Working with interior designers we’ve found what works best for marketing, what the most effective and updated platforms are, and a company’s ideal target demographics. We’ve also come to understand which angles don’t garner the attention we’re after. Through years of experience, and trial and error, we have arrived at a comprehensive interior design marketing strategy of which the framework can be applied to most design groups we work with. We arrive at every new project with a fresh perspective and are able to take a personalized approach to each unique company- because there is truly no complete marketing strategy that generalizes.

  • Website- A strong and compelling website is the most crucial marketing platform for any design firm. This is your ‘ground zero’ so to speak and should represent your taste and be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Think of your website as a digital brochure displaying your impressive designs and capabilities. SEO for Interior Designers is like a billboard for casinos… It has an invaluable effect on generating visibility. Written content will do wonders for any interior design website and will also show your clients that you’re invested and excited about your industry.
  • Social Media- Useful platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, and other interior sites are a crucial part of building your brand identity and in connecting with your client base. These platforms offer a personalized approach to your business that clients love to relate to. Posting before and after photos of projects, videos during the transformation, as well as client testimonials will be effective in amplifying your credibility and sparking interest.
  • Trust- testimonials, quality photos, referencing or “name-dropping” clients are all great ways in which you can build trust and increase your credibility.
  • Know Your Market- Understanding your target market is of paramount importance. If your marketing strategy casts too large a net, you may miss the mark and drown in a sea of competing design firms. Your target demographic should be outlined followed by a comprehensive course of action.


Today’s architectural scene is all about defying the norm, bringing personality and character into each project, and crafting stunning one-of-a-kind buildings. Your client base is defined by people who value artistic integrity, uniqueness, and individuality. Lean into this angle, and cater to your specific and targeted demographic. Because there are thousands of quality architects, you’ll need to set yourself apart from the competition by playing into your strong suits, building lasting positive client relationships and offering sought-after services such as sustainable architectural designs and green material sourcing.

  • Website- Architectural companies and designers must boast a robust and compelling website of which displays ample quality images of previous works. Videos of past projects are also a strong indicator of an architect’s skill and personal aesthetic. SEO for architects is another major facet of putting your business on the map and ranking high on Google search pages. You can achieve this exposure through written content- articles, blog posts, listicles, that generate engagement with your audience.
  • Client Testimonials- Keeping in mind that a large percentage of an architect’s business survives on client referrals, there should be a page of your website purely dedicated to testimonials and well-known name dropping. This builds credibility and creates intrigue about your services.
  • Utilize Platforms- Situate your company in a strong marketing position with consistent social media, and utilize mediums such as Houzz and Pinterest. Scale up your PR/Editorial content whenever you can. 


Suppliers are essentially the meat of the Home Improvement Industry. Without reliable, quality suppliers, none of these wonderful design dreams would be realized. Use this position to add value to your supply business and become an invaluable resource for architects, contractors and designers.

  • Online Shopping Cart- This is perhaps the most important aspect of any supply company in today’s digital world. People order online more than any other medium out there by a large margin. If your supply company is well equipped with a great online shopping cart, you ensure future success by providing 24/7 purchasing ability, and ease of transaction for your customers. Knowing the ins and outs of Google Shopping is perhaps the best way you can aid in your company’s success.
  • Ecommerce- Building a fantastic eCommerce site is a vital aspect of your business’s survival.



Selling construction services is largely about building trust with potential clients, providing amazing testimonials, ensuring the use of quality materials, and displaying consistent professionalism. The construction industry is flooded with burgeoning competition, yet there are a lot of unprofessional teams out there still vying for the same clients as you. How can you compete in this oversaturated market? Employ a solid digital market strategy.

  • Strong Visuals- Entice potential clients with strong visuals. This covers everything from videos of the building process, before and after photos, to any industry screen time your company has had (HGTV, etc) and impressive blueprint shots.
  • Versatility- To compete in this industry, your construction company should be able and prepared to tackle any project that comes your way. By showing examples of past work on your site, as well as in written blogs that benefit your SEO purposes, you’ll make a big impact.
  • Professionalism- Make known your company values and ensure clients that their job site will remain consistently clean and well kept at the end of each workday. Vouch for your wonderful team and get past clients to speak of their positive experience working with your company.
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