Here’s How to Add Emojis to Your Marketing Campaigns

using imojis

Emojis have become commonplace in lax conversations between family and friends. These little faces and symbols help us humanize our text messages and better show our emotions. This is especially important since majority of our communications today are not face-to-face. Communicating through text can make it hard to decipher the feelings behind the words. This is where emojis excel. You can now find them being implemented in marketing campaigns by SEO agencies in Los Angeles.

If you’re signed up to a blog newsletter, then you may have already seen these fun images being used inside of subject headings and within emails. Brands that have their own email campaigns and marketing collateral are looking for new ways to hook audiences and increase open rates.

The following tips will help you better implement emojis into your campaigns, so that they resonate with your audience. You can consult with local SEO companies to identify the best course of action.

Different Emojis Connect with Different Audiences

The first thing you should know is that not all emoticons are for everyone. Obviously, if you’re a B2B brand, you wouldn’t want to send an email with images that are too lax or edgy. Also, you want to ensure that any emoticon you use should actually suit the content it’s in. Don’t just use them for the sake of grabbing the recipient’s attention. All attention isn’t good attention, so refrain from rubbing users the wrong way.

Promote Real-Time Engagement with Emoticons

One of the top reasons marketers at Los Angeles SEO agencies started using emoticons was to capture audiences. This can be especially helpful when you’re looking for real-time engagement. You can implement emojis inside your call-to-actions and social media conversations.

Don’t Go Overboard

Emoticons are new to the marketing realm, but already, there are brands overusing them. Some SEO companies in Los Angeles use them in email campaigns, social media and blog posts. This can be done in a clever way, but has to be relevant. You don’t want to create confusion with a bunch of imagery that detract from the message and purpose.

Personalize Messaging Using Emojis

Marketing is all about adding a personal touch to content. This can be done by using the right voice, tone and topics for your content marketing. Emoticons add a great personal touch that should be an extension of your message and voice. Make sure the ones you’re using are relevant to your brand, aren’t used too often and resonate with your audience. You can have an SEO agency in Los Angeles analyze your target market to determine if and which images are suitable for your marketing collateral.

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