Guide on how to manage Google CPC

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Tricks to increase AdSense CPC, RPM, and CTR profits forever. AdSense is the main source of income for each blogger. The CPC (Cost per Click) is known as pay per click (PPC), that is, the amount of money that advertisers will pay for a single click on their ads that run on the publisher’s website. Many publishers complain that their income is very low despite the increase in CTR and 1000 Printing/day. The reason behind the lower profit is the lower cost per click rate.

So a higher CPC helps improve Adsense’s revenue. Let’s say that AdSense CPC depends on advertisers bidding for your site/blog. According to the Google publisher, they have not directly controlled the cost-per-click rates. So the editor must take into account some important factors that indirectly helps improve CPC rates.

How can you increase the Adsense CPC rate?

 Choose the right niche

The rate of the Adsense CPC varies according to the niche of the blog. The blog that was related to health, gadgets, and domains are higher CPC because more advertisers are bidding for your site/blog. A crucial point takes into account; if you are creating a blog to win, and you do not know the ABC of that niche, then you will not achieve success. So choose the right niche that gives money, and you know very well. We provide a list of areas that offers a higher rate of Adsense CPC.

  • Domains and Hosting
  • Gadgets
  • Google
  • Banking and solitary
  • Automobile
  • Health and insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Loans for housing
  • Jobs

“The vast majority of these topics have better CPC when handled in English.”

You can improve your income by increasing Google AdSense CTR.

Keyword and content

Write the content with the keyword to answer the reader’s question. Before writing the blog post, try to find out what readers are looking for on the Internet? Why the visit of Reader on your website? First, gather brief information and high-performance keywords, then start writing the post. It helps you present quality content for your readers. Google robots crawl your article before the ads on the screen, if the AdSense robot finds the valuable keywords and useful content, then Google AdSense serves great PPC ad. The various online tools such as Google Adword and SEMRUSH They are helping to find relevant keywords.

When you search for a keyword, you will find two types of keywords. One that has high but less wanted PPC, and another low but high wanted CPC. Keyword competition is important because CPC and search engine raking also depends on the keyword. The keyword that pays high leads more on the web can rank for average competitive keywords, so always chose both keyword types.

Allow blocking of AdSense ads

Google gives a very complete use of the function; that is, the editor can select what kind of ads are displayed on the web page. If you do not like any category of ads, you can block it. This method also has a limitation, if you block out so many advertisers that the competition between advertisers for ad placement will be reduced. Lower competition may be the cause of a CPC lower than expected CPC. Here I help you to Block Ads.

  • Log in to your Google AdSense account.
  • Select Allow and block ads.
  • Select General categories.

If you find that some category of ads is not paying as much as% of Print, then, you can block that group.

Country selection

It is one of the essential facts that affect the rate of clicks and CPC because CPC depends on the competition between advertisers for ad placement. Advertising method varies with the advertiser and the country, so its impact on CPC. For example, a click on the ads in the United Kingdom or the USA gives up to $2 to $3, while in the Asian country click on the same ads give only $0.20 to $.30. Because the Asian county has a low offer of advertisers.

Therefore, you should always direct the blog and its content to audiences in English speaking countries.

Use a single advertising network to increase CPC rates

There are many monetization networks available such as information links, clicks, etc. But we advise you to stay away from other advertising networks to get better rates for AdSense CPC. The reason behind that, advertisers select the network that costs less to appear on your blog.

Enable both types of image and text ads to obtain high CPC rates

Generally, the Adsense display five types of ads that are text, image, animated image, rich media, and flash. All these types of ads are classified into three types: text ads, link ads, and ads to show.

We encourage all publishers to enable both types of text and display ads for all their AdSense ad units. The number of advertisers and offers for your site will increase. Therefore, it is resulting in higher CPC rates for them.

Show AdSense ads in the correct area

It is very difficult to find the right area to display AdSense ads for a higher CPC. You must place at least one AdSense Ad Unit code above the fold and another just after/below the end of the post/items and the last one in the sidebar or footer. You should never place your code of the three advertising units in one place, as it violates the term and condition of Google. Use the Heatmap plugin to find the area where you can make the maximum click on your Blog.

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