Franchise SEO Services

You’re a franchise – we’re a digital marketing agency and together, we can do amazing things.

Don’t believe us? Then you should check out how some of our franchise clients are doing. Over the decades, we’ve provided franchise SEO services to leading brands, such as Mercedes Benz and Massage Envy.

However, we’ve also been hired as a franchise SEO agency by brands in industries, such as:

  • Restaurant chains
  • National brands
  • Franchise stores

And others with multiple store locations. We can help improve your company’s SEO strategy in a number of ways. If you’re looking for assistance with your SEO, then ITAI is the one to call.

E-Commerce National SEO Services

When it comes to our franchise SEO services, we can cater to both franchise brick and mortar and strictly digital businesses. However, if you own an online store that sells digital or physical goods, we can help.

Our SEO will focus on driving traffic from highly-targeted audiences who are looking for your products. There are several services you can use to build your brand’s visibility on the web.

For example, we can manage your social media accounts to grow a larger following. We can also develop an SEO strategy to help online shoppers find your store in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Our experts will conduct comprehensive research to identify the best keywords to use for your

This will help improve your website rankings for highly-targeted internet searches.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing your competition is key to thriving as a franchise. But many don’t perform this research and end up getting outdone by their competitors. Don’t get blindsided by your competition – hire pros to perform competitor analysis.

At ITAI, we have special steps and tools we use to find out everything we need to know about your competitors. We’ll start by looking at the website, keywords, content, and strategies your competition is using.

From here, we can uncover what’s helping them to succeed or fail. In some cases, we can find an area they’re lacking in that you can capitalize on.

Customer Analysis

Your customers are another group of people you want to analyze. Knowing all about your customers can help us and your brand better cater to them.

At ITAI, we believe in building customer profiles and personas. This provides us with the details we need to make content that’s relevant to them.

All successful franchises have a thorough understanding of their target market. Even Walmart – a general store – has a target market they advertise to. It’s important that you do the same.

The experts at ITAI can use the customer personas to develop the customer’s journey. Every group of customers goes through the marketing funnel differently.

We can design content that suits the needs of your customers at every stage of the funnel. This will help increase their chances of them converting.

Local SEO Services

Does your franchise have local customers you want to attract? If so, then you need to meet them where they are – on the internet. Shoppers are looking for your products on Google and other search engines.

Ensuring your site shows up in the search results is key. One way to go about this is to find and use local-based keywords, such as phrases that contain cities and communities.

The more targeted the keywords, the better. The beauty of the internet is that you can cater to more than one area. So if you have more than one business or franchise, then this will work for you.

We can develop content to attract users from all the cities you do business in. And since a lot of internet users are on mobile devices, it can help drive this traffic to your website and local store.

We can do this by using Google maps SEO, which allows users to easily find your location, as well the directions. With this feature, you can drive in a lot more foot traffic to your store.

Google Places

Now, it’s not just your website that users can find on search engine results pages. You can also build visibility for your franchise by using Google Places.

Having your listing on here can help earn your business more phone calls, physical visits, and website visits. We can optimize your listing to make it appear higher up in the SERPs.

This includes ensuring all of the data is accurate, such as the phone number, address, business hours, and product categories. It’s also a good idea to upload a quality photo of your business.

This can be the exterior of your business or even the interior, showcasing your products. We’ll also ensure your location shows up accurately on Google Maps.

With Google Places, you rank easier in Google. The extra traffic you receive because of it will make this SEO service worth your while.

Website SEO Audit

When’s the last time you updated your website? If recently, how does the design help your SEO? If you have a slow-loading website due to too many graphics and animations, then this will hurt your ranking in search engines.

How about your meta descriptions, titles, and tags? If these are non-existent, then it’ll also hurt your SEO.

At ITAI, we will analyze your website to see what changes are needed to improve your SEO and user experience. When search engine bots visit your site, they’ll be able to crawl each page and properly index them based on the keywords you’re targeting.

Your website SEO is something you don’t want to overlook!

Content Marketing

If you’re a new franchise, then you need to work a little harder to get attention for your business. It’s all about building your reputation using content.

With the customer analysis we conduct for you, we’ll be able to help you identify the best topics to cover to attract them to your website. Content marketing is key for optimizing your site so that it continues to climb the SERP ranks.

Without publishing regular high-quality content, your SEO strategy will fail.

At ITAI, we can assist you by developing a strategy complete with keyword and topic research, content calendars, and publishing. We even look for the best formats to distribute your content in.

It’s good to produce different forms of content to meet the needs of your audience. For example, you may find that having a mix of video, blog, and infographic content help to appease all of the customer groups you’re targeting.

What’s great about content marketing is that it helps build your visibility and brands simultaneously. It helps your website get found and your audience to find exactly what they’re looking for – amazing content.

The SEO services we offer to franchises are all-encompassing to ensure you get max results.

Building Backlink Profiles

In order to help your business franchise website to succeed, you need to use all forms of SEO you can. Today, Google does more than rank your web pages based on keyword usage.

It’s also about how users are interacting with your website. Are they linking to your content? If not, Google will render your site irrelevant.

So if you want to get on Google’s radar, then you need to actively search for ways to have your links placed on high-authority websites. It’s important that your backlink profile consists of more high-authority websites than it does low-authority sites.

If it’s the opposite, then this won’t add much weight to your ranking in the search engines. There are different ways you can grow your backlink profile, such as with guest blog posts.

At ITAI, we perform blogger outreach to have your guest posts published on sites with a higher authority than yours. This will help to boost your ranking and drive more traffic.

The bigger the 3rd party site, the more potential of driving their traffic to your own website.

Social Media Marketing

You won’t get far today without having some type of social media presence. It’s important to research which platforms your target customers use the most.

Then you need to build business pages on these social networks. But that’s not all. You need a publishing calendar to ensure you’re regularly posting to attract and keep followers.

At ITAI, not only will we help with the content and research, but we’ll manage your social media accounts as well. This includes publishing posts relevant to your audience and engaging with users.

Getting Franchise SEO Services Today

Does your franchise need to improve its website ranking in Google and other search engines? Then now’s the time to do something about it.

The sooner you start working on your SEO, the sooner you get results. The experts at ITAI will go analyze your market and website to see what you can do to make this happen.

Give us a call today to get a free consultation for your optimization needs!