Finding the ‘Holy Grail’ of Digital Marketing


If you found the “Holy Grail” for Small Business, do you think you could sell it? Many of you would answer, of course I could. But the truth is, you might already have the Holy Grail for small business right in front of you without recognizing it.

This point is well illustrated through the history of Microsoft. It reminds me of what I read in Bill Gates’ book “The Road Ahead.” Most people don’t realize that Bill Gates did not start Microsoft in Seattle. He actually started Microsoft in Albuquerque, NM, and later moved it to Seattle. But when he was running this small start-up company in Albuquerque, he won the contract to write the software for the PC created by IBM. IBM and Apple were the original personal computer makers, while each pursuing a different strategy. Apple wanted to own everything it created, while IBM, on the other hand, decided to license its PC to any manufacturer which wanted to make and sell a personal computer. This is still true today as all PC’s are derived from an IBM design.

After Gates and Paul Allen developed the software to make the IBM PC successful, he offered to sell his entire company—Microsoft, to their largest competitor, IBM. However, IBM turned him down, with their executives refusing to see any value in the distribution of software! This turned out to be a $267 billion mistake (based on the 2013 market capitalization, and a $600 billion mistake at the height of Microsoft’s market capitalization in 1999). The IBM executives failed to recognize the value of what they had right in front of them. So much so, that if IBM had bought Microsoft when given the chance, it would have doubled its 2013 market capitalization of $216 billion to $483 billion.

It was at this moment that software became the Holy Grail for the personal computer industry. Unfortunately for IBM, their executives at the time were not taking a comprehensive look at where software was headed and disregarded this invaluable asset as they continued to focus on the hardware side of the business. They failed to see that hardware and software when combined, would become the gold standard of personal computers as we know it.

So What Does This Have To Do With Internet Marketing?

Similar to how IBM overlooked one of their most valuable assets and opportunities, many business owners tend to overlook the need for a team of marketing professionals to do the work that no one specialist can achieve on their own. When in total harmony with one another, the team that makes up a competitive SEO Agency is the Holy Grail of internet marketing. An invaluable asset and resource to any business, big or small, a great Digital Marketing Agency will elevate your business to a level you never thought was possible.

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Posted by I Think An Idea on Monday, July 27, 2020


Having an Excellent Team Is the Holy Grail of Modern Marketing.

The resources you allocate on hiring an incredible SEO Agency quickly pay for themselves by taking the failure percentage out of the equation. When you hire an excellent Marketing Agency, you really buy an entire team of professionals that are highly specialized in their own craft and will elevate each corner of your business to a high level.

Relying on a team of professionals means diversifying your marketing strategy with each moving part working at a high level. Trusting a Digital Marketing Agency to craft a comprehensive, full-bodied strategy is the only way to blast past your competition and level up your business to meet the modern era.

Who Makes Up This Winning Team?

  • Experienced Owner/Figure Head
  • Talented Operations Manager
  • Metric Tracking Professionals/Software
  • Cutting Edge Web Designer/Developer
  • PPC Specialist
  • Creative Content Writer
  • Experienced Social Media Strategist
  • Artistic Graphic Designer/Content Curator
  • Versatile Video Editor
  • Amazing Photographer/Videographer

With all of these roles working together harmoniously, you can ensure your marketing needs are met all under one roof. A great marketing agency leverages unique marketing talents and hand picks the very best experts in their field to craft a dream team of marketing experts. This collective of individuals are essentially the puppet masters, making magic happen every day in the marketing world. Sometimes, finding your Holy Grail is easier than you think.

At I Think An Idea, we want to see your business thrive. For more information on how you can optimize and grow your business, visit us at I Think An Idea and get in touch to schedule a free consultation. Choose SEO and start the transformation today!

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