Email Marketing: The Basics

Email Marketing Basics

Email Marketing BasicsWith the rise of social media and texting the role of email has changed a bit. As popular as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become many individuals may assume that email is no longer relevant. Their assumptions however are unfounded. Believe it or not email is still the most popular form of online communication. The old standby of digital social interaction isn’t going anywhere, and that is why every company should take advantage of email marketing.
In order to fully benefit from an email marketing campaign, you must first understand a few basics about how these campaigns work and how they can benefit you. Anyone who reads this blog will be given a quick crash course in making email work for you and your business.

The first step in the email marketing process is to develop the skeleton of what your campaign will eventually look like. Every email campaign requires a few key foundational elements in order to operate correctly. The first of these elements is the mailing a list. A mailing list can be obtained in a variety of ways. Some companies sell mailing lists to firms, however this is almost always the wrong way of going about obtaining a list. You want to be sure that you are sending emails to interested parties. With that in mind it is important to find people who are voluntarily willing to join your mailing list. A mailing list can be compiled by promoting the list on a social media site or the company’s personal site. It is always a good idea to offer an incentive for joining the list like a discount coupon or a chance to win a prize.

Once the list is obtained it is time to start constructing the emails. Marketing emails should be packed with information and compelling content that will keep the reader interested. You don’t want to send your mailing list an endless streams of email because that will most likely end with your campaign landing straight in the spam folder. The best way to guarantee that your audience will enjoy remaining on your list is to give them nothing but relevant and interesting content at regular intervals. Typically one email per week should be the maximum level of exposure for most email campaigns. At one email a week your audience won’t forget about you, but they won’t get sick of you either.

Remember that you are most likely not the only business sending emails to the individuals on your list. Email marketing is an extremely popular form of marketing and it requires that you create content that stands out amongst the static of the inbox. One way to guarantee that you will be noticed is to contact professional SEO agency, I Think an Idea.

I Think an Idea specializes in digital marketing and they can ensure that your email campaign provides you with plenty of positive feedback from your mailing list. They also offer a wide variety of other digital marketing services like online reputation management and search engine optimization to guarantee your web visibility. With I Think an Idea and email on your side, your company will be dominating the digital market in no time.

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