Do You Need PPC Ads?

Pay Per Click Management Agency Los Angeles

The Internet presents us with many different ways to market our companies and brands, such

as SEO, PPC, social media and content marketing. Developing a marketing plan that includes

a variety of these solutions is ideal for getting exceptional results. For some, figuring out how

to use each of the methods to their advantage can be confusing. A professional SEO service

can be used to organize and implement a successful plan that utilizes two or more of those


One tactic that you’ll find SEO services companies using are Pay-Per-Click campaigns. PPC

has been around for years and continues to be a top choice for businesses large and small.

However, getting a campaign started and seeing it through can be a cumbersome task for

those who are new and/or unfamiliar. A PPC management company is an excellent way to

leverage your Web site presence with ads without having to educate yourself about the


If you have yet to implement PPC ads in your marketing efforts for whatever reason, here are

a few reasons why you should change your mind.

PPC is Ideal for Even the Smallest Budgets

What draws businesses of all sizes to PPC marketing is its budget-friendliness. You don’t

have to have major bucks to start a great campaign. This means you can compete from day

one if you choose to. You can begin placement of ads on search engines for as little as $50.

On Facebook, you can even set your budget for $10. The flexibility this provides can help

ensure that you don’t go broke trying to compete.

You Can Start a Campaign Quickly

Since PPC ads work on a bidding system, you are given a competitive edge for certain

keywords you want to use. Through this process, you can bid higher than others, which

increases the chances of people seeing your ads. You can get your ads posted up the same

day, which means you can potentially increase your traffic right away. This is ideal for product

and Web site launches, sales and other timely events. Having an SEO services company help

you with choosing the best keywords for your campaign is ideal.

You Can Tailor Your Ads for Your Customers

The message you have and the language you use are only two factors in reaching your target

audience. In PPC campaigns, there are parameters that you can select that allow you to

choose exactly who you want to target. So whether you want to target American women

between 18 and 45 or Canadian men and women 60+, you can easily do so. A PPC

management company can also help you to identify what criteria to use for each campaign.

Your Ads Can be Posted Wherever Your Audience Is

Google isn’t the only place where you can place PPC ads. We’re seeing an uptick of

businesses and brands using Facebook PPC ads as well. It’s not to say one is better than the

other – that comes down to where your target audience spends most of their time. Are they

Google users? Bing Users? Do they spend a lot of time on Facebook? If all of the above, you

could try including all three in your marketing strategy.

The Results Are Through the Roof

To date, there aren’t any other marketing tools that you can implement that will give you

immediate results. By simply bidding correctly and creating quality ads, your chances of

generating traffic is fairly high. The click through rate (CTR) for an average ad campaign can

generate between 1% and 5% CTR. The conversion rate for these sites can be anywhere

between 2% and 5%. Depending on how many people are clicking on your ads, these

numbers can be quite significant. To really boost your chances of getting high CTRs, it’s a

good idea to work with a reputable PPC management company.

Whether your Web site is for a business or personal brand, it’s pointless if there’s no incoming

traffic. With the above facts, rendering PPC campaigns irrelevant would be a foolish thing to


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