Different Ways Influencers Can Boost Your SEO

If your SEO efforts are not producing the ROI you want, consider hiring a professional SEO service provider to get your business to the next level.

Every business owner speaks highly of their own entity, so it takes more than just your word to convince prospects to give your company a shot. This is where influencers become valuable tools. You may already know that they can help generate buzz for your brand on social media and blogs, but did you know they can also improve your organic search? Using a combination of influencers and professional SEO services can really give your strategy the boost it really needs.

Let’s take a look at how influencers can help enhance your SEO campaign.

Improving Your Link Profile

Backlinks are an essential ingredient for increasing your search engine rank, so many brands are aggressively growing their link profile, but in all the wrong ways. Google and other search engines are now onto the blackhat tactics many businesses used in the past, such as buying backlinks and allowing links to be placed on spammy websites. Today, you have to earn quality backlinks from reputable websites. So getting a backlink from a highly-respected influencer in your industry would be the bees knees.

The authority of the site linking to your website can really help your SEO, so the more credible the influencers linking to you, the better your position in search results.

Increasing Traffic to Your Website

When an influencer mentions your brand on social media or links to your website on their blog, you can expect an uptick in traffic coming your way. It’s possible to get more traffic from both referral links, as well as direct traffic. According to Backlinko, Google’s algorithm looks at both direct traffic and repeat traffic as factors when determining your rank. If this sounds a bit confusing, you can consult with a professional SEO service.

Enhance Your Credibility

When people trust you, they are more willing to visit your website and actually stick around. An influencer vouching for you directly or by allowing you to post content to their blog is a big win for your credibility. The content you write for a guest post on an influencer’s website should be high quality and super valuable to their readers. You should also attempt to get influencers to publish content on your site as well. You can work with one of the best SEO companies to develop and execute an influencer outreach plan.

Working with professional SEO services is crucial if you’re serious about your site’s success. Get your search engine optimization on par today by teaming up with an SEO expert.

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