Desert Development: The Marketing Your Architectural Firm Needs to Thrive in the Desert


Working as a developer in the desert is one fascinating career. Not only do you enjoy the unique juxtaposition of mountains and flatlands, but also a timeless quality that is as rare as it is fleeting in today’s universalized world. There’s this characteristically “desert” essence to buildings and structures out in the California desert that is difficult to replicate anywhere else. To design buildings that will stand the test of time, both aesthetically and structurally in the almost uninhabitable desert terrain is an exciting challenge. And most homeowners in Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, or 29 Palms understand this. Few people are able to build their own homes in this uniquely arid landscape, so contracting an architectural firm to ensure a safe and timely build is essential. That’s why having an architectural practice or a design firm in the southern California desert is such a competitive industry- and one that needs a great marketing strategy.

After all, many of the homes scattered throughout the breathtaking desert landscape are in fact, vacation homes. With clients coming from as close as Los Angeles, and as far as New York, your online reach needs to be vast and discoverable. It’s certainly not enough to only appeal to desert locals in order to keep your doors open and your business thriving.

And that’s where we come in.

As one of the most competitive SEO and digital internet marketing agencies on the west coast, we’ll guarantee an elevated marketing strategy that will not only improve your brand’s reputation and reach, but also update your business to meet the modern era. We cover it all with our comprehensive, full-bodied marketing approach. From social media ideation to content curation, website overhauls, to metric tracking and email marketing, you can expect the best from I Think An Idea. And because our agency has enjoyed long-lasting relationships with our architectural and building clients over the years, we have the expert understanding needed for a marketing strategy tailored for your Architectural Firm. Our years of experience and our 24/7 hands-on approach is what truly sets us apart from other marketing agencies, not to mention we’re headquartered in Joshua Tree! Here’s what you can expect entering into a digital media marketing relationship with us:


Personalized Strategy

The minute we entering into a new marketing relationship with a client, we do our homework. We analyze metrics, we look at current roadlblocks or shortcomings and figure out how to improve them. We map out a content campaign and conceptualize an update brand identity. We’ll look into your desired demographic and learn what your consumer behavior has been and whee you want it to go.


The driving force of excellent marketing is the ability to be creative. The best creators think on their feet, quickly adapt to changing trends, and are always a step ahead of what everyone else is doing. The best creators know when to pivot, are adaptable, and cross pollinate marketing between a range of digital mediums. At I Think an Idea, we do just that.


Honesty is such an important component to any successful marketing relationship. From the get-go, we’ll learn what your goals are, and we’ll be realistic with our ability to deliver. We’ll include you in all of the necessary conversations and leave you out of the inconsequential ones because we know how valuable your time is. And  most importantly, we’ll maintain smooth communication through the entire relationship.



At the end of the day, what is it that every client needs? Results. And at I Think An Idea, we deliver. We understand where you want to go and we’ll steer you there. We’ll get your business ranking high on search platforms, develop well-rounded marketing campaigns that reach your target audience, and we’ll generate creative, unique content that will drive client’s to your firm. Because the most important end goal for us, is ensuring your business is growing and fruitful.

That’s why working with a digital media marketing agency in the desert such as I Think An Idea is well worth your time and marketing resources. We know the building and home industry inside and out and expertly understand demographics, social media, websites, and brand identity. We know how to take a business from barely surviving to thriving in a matter of months. So whether your architectural firm is operating out of Joshua Tree, 29 Palms, Palm Desert, or La Quinta, our agency is here to help. Check us out online to view a list of our services and specialties, get a quote, and book a free consultation with one of our team members today!

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