Data-Driven Tips for Building a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

SEO Specialist

In order to develop a killer marketing plan, hard facts are essential. There’s plenty of data

floating around the Web that you can use to formulate a strategy with a higher probability of

working. This is, after all, what the pros from SEO companies do all the time. It’s why their

SEO and social media marketing services usually hit home more so than not. So what data is

out there today that you can use to enhance your Internet marketing strategies?

Why You Need to Optimize Your Site for Mobile

If you haven’t already, it’s time to redesign your site to be mobile-friendly. A whopping 63% of

women and 73% of men check their phones hourly. These individuals are hyperconnected –

some admitting to having their phones with them 22 hours per day! This is a fact that social

media management services professionals know, and why they are set on posting content


Local SEO is a Must for Brick-and-Mortars

Eighty-two percent of customers say that they prefer to shop at brick-and-mortars versus the

Web. This can be advantageous for local businesses who can put to use local keywords.

Without them, your local business will be invisible to prospects!

Market to Millennials to Increase Your Revenue

SEO Specialist

If you have products and/or services that would cater to millennials, you should have an entire

campaign that focuses on targeting them. Statistics show that they have money and they’re

willing to spend it. Sure, they’re not into purchasing cable TV, cars and houses, but if you

have electronic gadgets, clothes, shoes or travel tickets, you may be in the money.

Back Up Your Claims with Data

Todays consumers are savvy. They see through advertisements and are quick to call a

company bluff. In fact, 75% of consumers don’t believe company ads are truthful. So

whatever claims or promises that you are instilling in your messages, make sure that they are

backed up with hard facts. Testimonials, case studies and video reviews are all great ways of

doing so.

Engage in Content Marketing


Ninety-two percent of people surveyed state that they trust information they read online more

than they trust other sources. With a content marketing plan created by an SEO company,

you can use this in your favor. You can develop content around your product or service,

providing plenty of information and insight for those looking for more details.

We’re in a digital age, which makes digital marketing more important than ever for

businesses. As you are establishing a digital marketing plan, make sure to keep these facts in


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