Cross-Channel Marketing: Yes, Email is Still Relevant

Seo companies credit cross channel marketing for any company’s Internet marketing success in today’s market place. Having a presence in multiple venues helps boost engagement.

Cross-channel marketing is key for Internet marketing strategies today. Any SEO company will tell you that having a presence in various venues will help boost your engagement, traffic and possibly your sales. If you want to offer your audience a fluid experience, then you need to perfect your omnichannel strategy. An SEO agency in Los Angeles can help you figure out the best way to market to your customers on multiple channels.

Centering Your Strategy Around Email

Some don’t believe it, but data shows email is still very much alive and in some cases, thriving. No channel is more direct than email, which is why it’s recommended that you revolve your digital marketing around it. Many brands witness higher ROIs with email than other channels. When it comes to building relationships and loyalty, there’s nothing like it.

Once users have submitted their email addresses, giving you the go to interact with them via email, you will have tons of valuable data readily at your fingertips, such as click data, behavioral targeting, purchases, bounce rates and more. All of these are insights that can be used by an SEO company to perfect your strategy. So if you aren’t already, you should be using other channels to drive traffic to your email marketing campaign.

Promote Your Newsletter On Social Media

Social media is one channel that’s suitable for driving potential traffic to your email marketing campaign. You can gently encourage followers to sign up to your email list. Another option is to share tidbits of your newsletter to capture their attention and interest. Just make sure the link sends them to the sign-up form.

Design Your Website to Capture Emails

All of your content pages should feature a sign-up form to your email subscription. If you’re having problems adding one, you can hire a Web designer from an SEO agency. To help encourage users, you can implement light boxes over your content, which urge them to sign up before reading the article.

Urge Mobile App Users to Sign Up

A mobile app is a great way to deliver content directly to your loyal customers. The issue with them, though, is that it’s hard to get users to come back regularly. So instead of using push notifications to alert them every time you publish a piece of new content, you can give them the option to sign up to have daily digests sent to their inboxes.

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