Choosing a Domain Name for Your New Business

You’ve finally chosen the perfect business name for your new startup. But you’re not done yet. You now need to find the ideal domain name for your brand. Your chosen business name may already be taken, making it more difficult to find something suitable for your company. Then you have to determine whether you want a .com, .net or some other unique extension. The pull away from the typical .com is actually the norm these days. But if you’re unsure of what to go with, you can always consult with an SEO agency in Los Angeles.

Remember, your website is a part of your online marketing strategy, so the domain name and extension you select is very important. You can also use the following tips to help you along the decision process.

Try Modifying Your Biz Name

Unless you have a super unique business name, chances are, it’s already taken in the domain world. If this is the case, you can work together with a business development consulting expert who can help you go over your options. Get creative with the variations of your business name that can potentially be used for the domain. You can vary the spellings, take out words or add to them. Abbreviations should also be considered.

Add Your Location to the Domain

This is effective for brands that operate locally. Adding local keywords to your domain can really help with the ranking. An SEO angency in Los Angeles can assist you with determining how to implement this technique effectively. If there’s a chance you can get found by more prospects and customers, then it’s definitely worth the consideration.

Implement Other Keywords

City and state keywords are just one type of keyword that can be used in your domain name. You can also incorporate other relevant keywords that can help with your ranking. Again, an SEO firm can really be of use here. Some keyword research needs to be done, which is best performed by experts. According to research conducted by Verisign and comScore, users are more likely to click on keyword-rich domains (twice as likely).

Consider Dubbing a Unique Biz Name

If it’s not too late, consider naming your business something a bit more unique. Think to the likes of Tumblr, Myspace, Facebook and other popular sites that have unique names. Not only will this set you apart, it will help with your branding and make your name more memorable. Plus, there will be less competition for it in the SERPs. The idea is to keep it short, so it’s not something easily forgotten or misspelled.

Consider the Search Terms Used By Your Prospects

Some research will help you to identify the search terms most commonly used by your prospects. The idea is to determine which keywords they use when they’re looking for your type of business. An analysis can be performed with the assistance of an SEO agency in Los Angeles. Once you have a list of terms, select the ones that would be best.

Use the Handle On Your Social Media Account

This is a great strategy, as this can help with the branding phase of your startup. Social media marketing is definitely a must for your online marketing strategy. Create a profile and a handle, then use this as your domain name – if it’s not taken. In fact, you should check domain names before choosing your social media handle.

After you’ve chosen the ideal domain name for your business, make sure the website docked there is amazing. You can hire a web design expert in Los Angeles to work on your site. Make sure whatever design you implement is responsive and professional.

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