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Reaching out to millennials is the plight most business owners face today. It’s a challenge that shouldn’t go ignored – especially if you want your company to remain relevant for decades to come. Many media trends have come and gone over the past few decades, but nothing has presented the obstacles we now see in marketing. SEO agencies in Los Angeles are providing companies with various solutions to this conundrum, including online reputation management, better Web design and optimization strategies geared towards millennials.

The baby boomers are becoming a thing of the past, as Millennials inch forward as the next largest population to target. According to the U.S. Census, these 18 to 34 year olds already make up 83.1 million. The buying power they wield is a whopping $200 billion, which should instantly pique the interest of businesses and marketers alike. Millennials make up a big percentage of the working population, and that’s only expected to grow larger.

It’s time for marketers to start building relationships with this target market or they’re going to risk becoming irrelevant to the population that’s calling the shots. That isn’t to say marketing to them is going to be easy, especially since they are the most diverse segment yet. Forty-three percent of millennials are non-white and about 25 percent of them speak a language other than English while at home.

Online Reputation Management Tips

It’s all about building relationships, and the best way to do that is via the Internet. It is, after all, where millennials spend majority of their time. You may need a bit of direction on the best ways to approach this young audience, so stay tuned.

Mobile Marketing Should Be at the Forefront

When’s the last time you seen a millennial without a mobile device? They practically live on their mobile gadgets, which keep them connected to all the things they care about. About 85 percent of millennials in America own smartphones.

You need to ensure that you’re landing pages and website have a responsive design, so that mobile users have a seamless experience. Keep in mind that your landing pages shouldn’t boast too many graphics, which can slow down loading times. And we all know millennials won’t stick around to wait for slow-loading pages.

Integrate Native Ads into App Games

Millennials love a great app game – just look at how well Angry Birds is doing. Companies have successfully integrated their advertisements inside of mobile apps. Gatorade did a great job of this by offering fitness app users rewards after reaching specific fitness accomplishments. Native advertising is the wave of the future, and is an excellent way to be seen by millennials.

Target Social Groups vs Life Stages

In the past, marketers focused on the life stage of their target audience, such as graduating from college, buying a new home, getting married, starting a family or searching for a new job. This generation is far from traditional. Family and community means something entirely different to millennials. To them, family can mean many different things, and community could be something more than a physical neighborhood, such as an online community.

Try targeting millennials based on social groups. This may include alternative lifestyles, healthy living, green living, art enthusiasts, musicians, gamers and so on. Your online brand reputation management needs to focus on targeting these particular social matters. Identify your brand as caring about a particular cause that millennials relate to.

Lastly, you want to ensure that you stay relevant and engaging. Millennials live on social media, so make sure you’re there to engage with them. They turn to the Internet to solve their daily problems. Brands that effectively provide simple, relevant solutions to real world problems will easily grab the attention of millennials.

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