Boost Conversion Rates Using Customer Surveys

Conversion Rate

The key to increasing your conversion rates is to provide customers with what they want, when they want it and at a price they are willing to pay. It’s not always easy predicting these factors, which can make your marketing efforts ineffective. Many companies attempt to raise their conversions by tweaking landing pages, prices and sometimes even their business models, yet they still fail. SEO companies are quite familiar with this, since their services are designed to boost traffic, as well as conversions. You can hire an SEO company to make this process simpler.

Figuring out what customers want doesn’t have to mean countless trial and errors. All you really have to do is ask them. It’s funny how a lot of businesses overlook this simple concept. This is where surveys become very useful. Here’s how you can use customer surveys to boost your conversion rates.

Creating Your Survey

The only way surveys will benefit you is if they generate answers to the most pressing questions your business has. Think of the information you need to make more informed decisions for your marketing and sales. Refrain from asking leading questions. You want prospects to give you honest and open-ended responses.

Quick tips to keep in mind:

  • Identify what your goals are and what info you need to reach them (i.e. learning what factors are important when making buying decisions).
  • Keep your survey short. People are more impatient these days. Only ask questions that support your goals.
  • Avoid asking misleading or confusing questions. Use language that is easy to understand. Avoid slang and idioms.
  • Avoid simple yes or no questions. You want to generate feedback that you can potentially use. To make it easier, you can use rating scale questions.

Evaluating Your Surveys

In this day and age, we are engulfed in more data than we can decipher. Data is useless unless you can evaluate it and put what you find into action. Here’s what you need to look for:

  • Patterns. What answers are being repeated over and over again?
  • Objections: What dislikes did customers have about your brand? What obstacles did they witness when interacting with your company?
  • Key words and phrases: How do customers describe your company, products or services? You can use these key words and phrases for future copy.

Taking Action

After you’ve gone through all of the data, it’s time to start making changes. SEO companies have experts who can analyze your data and develop a plan of action. It’s important that you not implement too many things at a time. You want to test each change individually, so that you can pinpoint what is and isn’t working.

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