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Top Ways to Increase Website Lead Generation

How many leads is your company currently generating? Are they hot, warm or cold? The amount of leads your business receives doesn’t matter if they’re not converting. It’s all about the quality of your traffic and calls, which is why it’s a good idea to invest in lead generation. Online businesses and brick and mortars

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How to Create a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy?

What is the key component in any successful Internet marketing strategy? Is it the search engine optimization? Is it online video marketing? Or is it online reputation management? If you ask reputable SEO companies, they’ll tell you it’s all of the above. And what really ties all of these together nicely is social media marketing

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3 Ways to Boost Your Lead Generation Efforts

You’ve jump-started your small business, but leads are getting slower and colder by the day. What can you do to revive your lead generation? You’ve likely exhausted all efforts, such as mailing out fliers, reaching out on your social media platforms and hitting up your email list for referrals, but nothing seems to be working.

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Winning Over Customers Using Story-Telling

People love stories – it’s why brands like Apple and Dollar Shave Club have had major success with the public. The great thing about storytelling is that you don’t need millions of dollars to use it. All you need is a fantastic story and compelling narrative. Push it out to the world and you’re bound

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Is Your Rebranding Destroying Your SEO Strategy?

There are many reasons why a company may decide to rebrand their business. It could be to save their reputation, redo their image or transition after a merger or sale. Whatever the reasoning is behind your rebranding, make sure it’s not killing your search engine optimization strategy. SEO expert services are commonly used for this

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3 Ways to Make Your Content Stand Out from the Crowd

What sets apart one content marketing strategy from another? It’s about standing out from the crowd. If you were to hire the services of an SEO expert, you’d learn that differentiating your content from competitors is the key to gaining more visibility. The purpose of your content is to bring in traffic, if it’s not

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4 Myths Coachella Vally Businesses Sometimes Fall For

Small businesses across Coachella Valley are falling for common marketing misconceptions. Online marketing has grown into a major industry, thanks to the SEO services offered by Internet marketing agencies in Los Angeles and beyond. But many entrepreneurs are forgoing the help of experts and are attempting to do things themselves. The main issue with small

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B2B Companies: Top Tips to Boost Social Media Shares

Social media isn’t just for business-to-consumer companies. Your brand can effectively market to other companies using LinkedIn, Facebook and even YouTube. Your content marketing strategy should definitely include social media marketing, which can be obtained from a number of companies that offer these services in Los Angeles. How is your content being shared with your

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What to Expect When You Hire an SEO Agency

Hiring an SEO agency is a great opportunity for Los Angeles businesses to build visibility for their brand. Many businesses, small and large, are successfully moving up in the search engine page results, allowing more leads to be generated. Search engine optimization is key for driving the right traffic your way. If you decide to

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Growing a successful restaurant business

You successfully launched a little restaurant in your neighborhood, what next? Are you planning to move to a bigger location or are you thinking even bigger – starting a franchise? Whatever your dreams are for your restaurant, it’s time to start making plans now. You can hire a business development consulting firm to help you

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SEO vs UX: Balance the 2 for a Seamless Website Design

In the past, too much attention was given to search engine optimization and not enough on the actual user experience. A few years ago, this was turned around by Google and other search engines, which now penalize sites that try to manipulate their algorithms for higher rankings. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly or doesn’t read

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