SEM Campaigns

7 Master Tactics in SEM Campaigns

Immersed in the operation of campaigns, it is sometimes difficult to abstract to define new tactics in SEM campaigns that allow us to reach our goal. In this article, we talk about a few with the best impact/effort ratio to squeeze any paid search account. 1. Remarketing “in open” Why limit remarketing campaigns? It is

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How to improve your brand image to increase your sales

You may have heard of the brand image. Without any doubt, it is the most influential factor in the Marketing of your company, but how does it influence your sales? Can it cause an increase in benefits? Today we want to analyze this interesting concept and help you improve your business. You dare? The marketing

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website to sales

What do we need for your website to make sales?

Today, your website must be the most important asset in your sales strategy. For many companies, the web is the first point of Contact with a new potential customer and the centre of their inbound marketing strategy. A well-made and effective website can be your best seller. Remember that a large number of potential customers

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Duplicate Content

Improve your SEO by Eliminating Duplicate Content

You may have already heard about duplicate content and its negative influence on your SEO, and wondering how different your content should be. Knowing that some website owners are copying and pasting whole articles and think that this is no problem, the SEO Agency experts My Little Big Web will finally clear up the topic

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Why your website needs the services of a Chatbot?

If you know about digital marketing, you’ve probably heard about chatbots. A chatbot is a software robot that has the ability to interact with a person via an automated chat service. It usually comes in the form of an animated character or a dialog called “Ask us your questions”. For some time now, these robots

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Email Marketing Trends

4 Email Marketing Trends to know for 2020

The role of email marketing is controversial – and even heavily debated in recent years. We have all heard dramatic claims such as “email marketing is dead”. Increasingly fierce competition, evolving user behaviour, and legal restrictions on data collection pose major challenges when communicating with prospects and customers is an increasingly important aspect of brand

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Digital Marketing

The 8 Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

Due to lack of time and limited resources, marketing often remains a challenge for small businesses that are focused on their operations. Yet marketing is a set of methods and tools that can analyse its market, position its offer and promote it. How to take advantage of marketing to stand out and expand your customer

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Responsive Navigation: Dynamic Menus for Mobile Browsing

Responsive Web design has become one of the standards of website design. It does not matter if it’s about setting up an online store, a news blog, or a showcase for a company. Potential customers are no longer surfing the web from a desktop computer or laptop as usual, but using mobile devices such as

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Now Google lets you customize your search result snippets

By default, Google has always created search snippets based on user queries and the types of devices they use. However, there was no room for customization in previous years. It was only possible to permit a textual excerpt or not to allow it. Now, Google introduces several methods that allow for finer configuration of the

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Sitemaps: what you need to know

Here’s all you need to know about the famous sitemap file and its impact on SEO. This tutorial explains the risks of misunderstanding the usefulness of the sitemap and gives many tips. A sitemap contains all the documents (in other words, the web pages) of a site and presents them in a hierarchical way. This

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How to use PPC and SEO in synergy?

The news that has been much talked about lately in the SEO industry is the study conducted by Wordstream, which uses convincing statistics, shows the bias of Google towards paid search results at the expense of organic results. Presented as an infographic, the study compares the performance of the two SEO formats under different fronts,

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11 reasons why infographics will save your business

Many people believe that the essence of content marketing is writing blog posts. In truth, such an opinion is very far from the truth. “Content” in content marketing should be understood as everything that the end-user can consume. This means that all types of media are content, including text messages on blogs, videos, and graphic

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