Improve Your Franchise Tenfold With SEO Marketing

Owning a franchise can be a wonderful head start in business, representing a reputable brand can work in your favor in a multitude of ways, of course. You likely don’t need to invest much in product advertising, growing brand identity, and dealing with the back-end of the business e.i. product development and engineering, production, and

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Google Images increasingly present in the SERP

Several Google SERP content observation tools have recently noted a significant increase in the number of image carousels displayed in web search results. The image carousel most often appears in two forms: line or block (but is not necessarily in the zero position). The share of images in the results pages is increasing. An additional

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Searches without Click: the new trend in Google

The no-click trend is growing more and more, making SEO experts tremble: this year 49% of Google searches do not generate a click. Since 2016 searches that do not generate clicks have increased by 12%, as it makes all SEO professionals tremble. Research has shown how and why clicks on organic results have decreased. Users

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SEO: The Ranking Factors of Google in 2020

Google and Yandex search engines are constantly improving their algorithms, and 2017 was no exception. A lot of changes have appeared, on the basis of which it can be concluded which ranking factors will be relevant in 2020 and in the coming years. Not only specialists, but also owners of commercial sites need to pay

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What role do the keywords play in SEO?

Back to basic: even today we take a step back and focus on a basic theme of online activities and SEO work. To be precise, the topic that we will face what a keyword is, trying not only to understand the meaning of the term but also what is the importance of keywords within an

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Google Patents and SEO Ranking Factors: Connecting the Dots

The SEO trend, sometimes, is to seek answers to the trend of the positioning of your website on Google within the Guidelines. The Quality Raters Guidelines offer information related to Google’s algorithm and also represent a useful manual for evaluating a website. It is within the Quality Raters Guidelines that EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) was

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SEO and Web Development, the two go hand in hand!

Today, we want to talk to you about a field that is a priori not so closely linked with the code: SEO. However, on closer inspection, the two are more and more inseparable. In fact, SEO is far from just a matter of marketing and web copywriting. Apart from the semantic aspect of the discipline

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Digital marketing 2020 challenges

Technology is constantly evolving. And Digital Marketing, which finds its primary foundation in this, is certainly no less. What are the main Digital Marketing 2020 trends? In the last 10 years, we have witnessed an infinite series of changes that have completely changed the way of “doing marketing”. Companies around the world, and their CMOs

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Google Knowledge Graph

The method to be present in Google Knowledge Graph

The notion of information remains very important since everyone is trying to access it. Google has understood this concept very well and has therefore implemented the “knowledgegraph”. The deployment of these new algorithms has completely transformed the user experience on the famous search engine. And in a way, it benefits both professionals and visitors. On

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SEO 2020

SEO 2020: Google will be your competitor

At the end of each year, we are in a hurry to look into the future and identify future trends. The truth is that all collections list what is relevant today. Trends are conditional, only working methods are important and it is worth applying them in advance. Is it possible to beat the Google algorithm

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SEO Performance

Why improving pagination on your site will improve your SEO performance?

Large-volume sites are often forced to set up complex paginations to publicize all of their catalogs. For any type of site (i.e. e-commerce to publicize its products, editorial/news to publicize its articles, Q&A/forum to publicize the posts of Internet users) pagination optimized for SEO is essential! Pagination has a double impact on the SEO of

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SEO services

How to estimate the price of SEO Services?

The estimate of the price for the realization of an SEO campaign for a website. For several years, we have been supporting you in natural referencing (SEO) by finding for you the techniques, tools and new trends to optimize the visibility of your website. Become essential for web companies, whether e-merchants, service providers or any

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