SEO 2020

SEO 2020: Google will be your competitor

At the end of each year, we are in a hurry to look into the future and identify future trends. The truth is that all collections list what is relevant today. Trends are conditional, only working methods are important and it is worth applying them in advance. Is it possible to beat the Google algorithm

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SEO Performance

Why improving pagination on your site will improve your SEO performance?

Large-volume sites are often forced to set up complex paginations to publicize all of their catalogs. For any type of site (i.e. e-commerce to publicize its products, editorial/news to publicize its articles, Q&A/forum to publicize the posts of Internet users) pagination optimized for SEO is essential! Pagination has a double impact on the SEO of

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SEO services

How to estimate the price of SEO Services?

The estimate of the price for the realization of an SEO campaign for a website. For several years, we have been supporting you in natural referencing (SEO) by finding for you the techniques, tools and new trends to optimize the visibility of your website. Become essential for web companies, whether e-merchants, service providers or any

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Schema mark-up

What do you mean by Schema mark-up and why it is important for SEO?

In recent times we have paid particular attention to the markup, which is the new vocabulary used by crawlers to interpret information on websites and the various pages: today we try to clarify precisely what it is and what means and why it is important for SEO to use this marking. The importance

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SEO Agency Carlsbad

What cost you should pay while working with an SEO agency?

If you are one of those people who research Google to know how to get your business positioned in the search results or how your competitors put themselves at a much higher level as compared to you, then it is important to take benefit of this great chance of consulting an SEO agency. And at

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Duplicate Content

What is Duplicate Content on an e-commerce website and how to deal with this?

First, what is a duplicate? Let’s start our article by answering the question. Duplicate means copying. Duplicate content means repeating or repetitive content. You should definitely, but certainly avoid such content. Generally, people who start a site for the first time think that they are expanding their site by preparing copy content. However, because many

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Mobile Applications

How mobile applications can help you get more customer loyalty?

The apps are here to stay. We can find them of all kinds: there are them to learn to cook, to help choose the best home lighting or even to compare prices between different stores. Some also make the job easier for the professional, others can help customers save on their domestic economy and there

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Mobile Devices

10 reasons why an app can make a difference to your product

Why develop an app? What are the concrete benefits for your company? Read the post and find out how to act! Why develop an app? Consider this statistic: by 2020 there will be 20 billion Mobile Devices in the world (The Economist). About 2 million apps are currently already present on iTunes and Google Play.

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Good UX

Websites: Nine tips to delight users with a good UX

Interaction within a user interface plays a vital role in the use of a website. Clear and precise interactions allow the user to focus on the essential elements of navigation. Let’s find out together what the main rules of interaction to respect to offer a good user experience are! 1. Affordance The affordance is the

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reciprocal link

Is the reciprocal link useless? Can it damage my site?

In today’s world of online communications and active sharing of ideas, reciprocal links are just another technical jargon, which cannot be taken for granted. A reciprocal link refers to an agreement between two webmasters that provide hyperlinking within their website to each other. Generally, it is done to provide the readers with quick access to

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