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Now Google lets you customize your search result snippets

By default, Google has always created search snippets based on user queries and the types of devices they use. However, there was no room for customization in previous years. It was only possible to permit a textual excerpt or not to allow it. Now, Google introduces several methods that allow for finer configuration of the

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Sitemaps: what you need to know

Here’s all you need to know about the famous sitemap file and its impact on SEO. This tutorial explains the risks of misunderstanding the usefulness of the sitemap and gives many tips. A sitemap contains all the documents (in other words, the web pages) of a site and presents them in a hierarchical way. This

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How to use PPC and SEO in synergy?

The news that has been much talked about lately in the SEO industry is the study conducted by Wordstream, which uses convincing statistics, shows the bias of Google towards paid search results at the expense of organic results. Presented as an infographic, the study compares the performance of the two SEO formats under different fronts,

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11 reasons why infographics will save your business

Many people believe that the essence of content marketing is writing blog posts. In truth, such an opinion is very far from the truth. “Content” in content marketing should be understood as everything that the end-user can consume. This means that all types of media are content, including text messages on blogs, videos, and graphic

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SEO & PPC: Using PPC Insights to Boost Content Marketing

Web-referencing (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) optimization tools in their web traffic toolbox, but rarely use both together. They argue either that search engine optimization alone will generate benefits and long-term traffic, or that PPC can deliver impressive results in a very short time. But can they work together? Similar to SEO web SEO, PPC can

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Do you have to compare your site to that of a competitor?

The benchmark allows you to locate your website against competing sites, identify your/their comparative advantages, and detect areas to work to improve the performance of your business. You have everything to gain by analysing the competing sites of yours. Do you want to compare the performance of your site to that of your competitors’ websites?

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8 points to improve your google ranking in 2019

Research from specialists shows that about 200 factors are taken into account for Google’s ranking. For you, we have compiled the 8 most essential that must be taken into account in 2019. SEO “said,” natural is the priority of website owners for several years. And you can believe us; it’s not going to change any

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The importance of video marketing for your business in 2019

Video marketing is often considered as an accessory to add to all the communication-marketing tools of a company. VIDEO MARKETING: THE OTHER WAY TO INTERACT DIFFERENTLY WITH THE USER ENGAGEMENT THROUGH NATIVE VIDEO All digital marketing professionals agree that native advertising is the future of internet marketing. Video is the preferred format because it is

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How to choose the best CMS for your website?

And so you finally decided to create your first website, but among the many CMS, you don’t know which one is right for you? Don’t worry, in this article; we’ll explain how to choose the Content Management System to use. If instead, you are here because you want to contact a webmaster, but first you

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5 things to remember about Google’s future mobile-first indexing

Google has begun to disclose some information and to answer key questions regarding its future mobile-first indexing, which will be a major update to how it works. This is the next major evolution of Google, and therefore, SEO: Google will adopt mobile-first indexing. That means he’s going to change his way of browsing and seeing

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Google: mobile-oriented indexing for all new sites

For all new domains, the Google search engine will enable mobile-oriented indexing by default. The search engine will soon be based on mobile versions of websites for the ranking of its results. Risk as much as an opportunity. Since its creation, Google is based on the desktop version of the web pages to classify its

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How to personalize your content to reach your target audience?

If you don’t have a good content strategy, you’re a bit lost. Seriously, think of your content marketing strategy as a map: you need one to get where you want to go. What if you don’t have a map? You’re going to lose. This means you will lose countless hours and dollars producing content in

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