Featured snippets: How to appear in position 0 of Google?

Google has launched the featured snippets, to give an immediate response to its users, but how do you manage to appear in that prominent position? The search engine Google, always concerned with improving the experience of its users, has evolved its search results and, with the aim of giving an immediate response to those who

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SEO strategy on Instagram; How to position yourself in Google?

Instagram has more than 1 billion active users per month and is a perfect platform to expand your brand and your business; statistics reveal that Instagram improves conversions and makes you visible to search engines. But how do you empower yourself on Instagram? With these SEO strategies, you can achieve it! Instagram is the social

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How to start an online business on the Internet?

When starting an Internet business, it is highly recommended to know what aspects the most successful digital online entrepreneurs have in common. It is not about imitating anyone but, when starting an Internet business, it is highly recommended to know what aspects the most successful digital entrepreneurs have in common. People have always been thinking

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SEO in Google News; How to appear in Google News?

Many high-quality news sites regularly publish well-prepared news, but the audience they reach can be very limited because they do not have registration in Google News. In this article, we will include general errors that prevent sites from appearing on Google news, as well as practical tips and advice for news to reach more people.

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Seo Audit

SEO Site Audit- Steps to Increasing Google Positions

At present, the positioning of a company on the internet is key to determine its success When we talk about performing an SEO Audit, we talk about improving, implementing or updating certain points that have to do with the presence of our company on the Internet. Through SEO Audit, we can improve the web positioning

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The nofollow links: do you know its true potential?

If you are closely interested in natural referencing and its wonders, you have certainly already come across the expressions “no follow” and “do follow”. What do these attributes mean? Why want to put a no follow link on a web page? We will explain everything to you. No follow link: what is it? Before getting

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Search engine filters: why can a site get penalized?

The penalties that Google search engine can impose on a site play a very important role in SEO. Just a few changes to the search algorithm in relation to your project can destroy any prospects for your online business. And all this is completely serious – many site owners do not take risks at the

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Zero-Click Searches: How you will get your searches back?

Many of the queries made on Google are resolved without leaving the search engine. Has a new moment of crisis arrived for SEO? After so many years in digital marketing, we have concluded that SEO is a cat: it has (at least) seven lives. And it has been a few spent, or so many gurus

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