Bidding strategies in Google Ads: how to choose the best ones and measure your success


Google Ads is the ideal platform to launch advertising campaigns and gain almost immediate visibility; the features it offers you are unbeatable, as long as you choose the correct bid! But how to achieve it? In this blog, we will tell you what the most effective bid strategies in Google Ads are and how to maximize your results.

If you have heard of Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords, you should know that this platform has a variety of tools focused on advertising campaigns; since Google Ads was renewed, the way of advertising has also changed and now what the search engine giant has called ‘ machine learning philosophy’ is used, as well as artificial intelligence algorithms and a greater variety of advertisements (banners, videos, apps, etc.).

Well, to keep up with the new Google Ads and achieve advertising success it is necessary to have an eye to choose the correct bid strategies. If you wonder how to achieve it, we assure you that it will not be as if by magic, but that you have to get down to work. If around 40 thousand advertisements per second are seen around the world, how can you stand out among the greats?

The biggest advantage of Google Ads is that it leaves you with many options on the table and allows you to create your customized advertising plan according to your objectives and needs.

If you are one of those who spends a lot of monthly budget on PPC campaigns and still you did not see it completely clear, then, this guide that we have created for you, will help you optimize your Google Ads campaign, improve your results and give you relief to your pocket.

If you are up for Google AdWords, the best digital marketing companies can design your Google Ads campaign to avoid headaches and maximize the return on investment of your Internet advertising, which is one of the reasons why you can delegate campaign management to Google AdWords to a company.

To give you an idea of ​​how they will do it, we are going to tell you why when choosing the perfect bids in Google Ads you will have guaranteed success.

How does Google Ads choose your position in the list of advertisers?

Auctions or bids have existed for many centuries before Christ.

Although the ways of auctioning have been constantly changing, the auction concept is basically the same: meeting certain requirements to get ‘the prize’. In the case of Google AdWords or Google Ads (as it is now called), auctions are only carried out if the tool, after evaluating your ads and website, considers that a specific ad is what a person is looking for; then it shows it.



Google Ads goes through various aspects of the auction, to establish it an ad is shown for certain searches, and this is where the keywords come into play.

What we are saying is that, although it seems very random and left to chance, it is not so; there are certain elements that weigh heavily when the Google tool classifies the ads, and it is where the experts in SEM/PPC do the magic.

There are several aspects that Google Ads values for the auction to occur and at what price and, in this, keywords directly influence, among others. Let’s see what they are!

What components do Google Ads evaluate in an auction?

Someone said that Google Ads knows your target audience more than you do! And experts will definitely not dare to contradict this statement. Modifications to this tool were made so that, in record time and using artificial intelligence algorithms, the system determines many signals about your audience.

In fact, in real-time, it can know where the person doing the search is located, if they intend to buy, what type of device they are looking for, etc., and with this information they do the auction and show the ads to the user, that they match according to their needs.

However, it is not that you should cross your arms and let Google Ads choose you one day; no, for that there are bidding strategies in Google Ads and, fortunately, Google has let us know that it also considers three fundamental elements when it comes to making an auction:

  • Maximum ad cost per click bid for the classified keyword
  • The quality score for that keyword
  • Ad extensions, relevance, and keywords

Ad bidding and bid strategies on Google Ads

We think what makes Google Ads the best platform worldwide for creating successful ads and ad campaigns is that it is very flexible in terms of the strategies it allows you to employ.

Each strategy gives you the opportunity to choose the campaign-style you want: the deadline, level of aggressiveness, keywords to position yourself in, visibility, etc.

As there are several your alternatives, we will show you one by one.

Manual Cost Per Click (manual CPC)

The manual CPC is the option that allows you to have more control of the offers since it allows you to tailor each offer according to your needs and modify your campaigns along the way, depending on which ones are more profitable and which ones are not.

Of course, you must monitor the campaigns throughout the process, so it requires a lot of time. If you are new to Google Ads, this could be the most viable option to start, since it leaves all control of the budget that you are going to allocate for advertising in your hands.

One of its biggest advantages is that it supports setting separate bids for different keywords.

Regarding the disadvantages, the first thing is that you should know when it is convenient for you to modify the offers and you have to find a way to evaluate the maximum offers according to their performance and objectives; if not, you will only be wasting money and time, and your results will be on the ground.

Also, if you have a lot of keywords to manage manually, it is likely that in the middle of the month you are more coiled than a top and you do not know how to focus on them.

Automatic Cost per Click (CPC)

Automatic CPC gives Google all the control to maximize your offers and optimize them, and it is a good option if you want to increase your daily clicks since Google Ads will take care of raising or lowering your offers to achieve this goal.

Its biggest advantage is that it will help you keep your impressions for a long time despite having to reduce your budget.

But one of its biggest disadvantages is that it is not very useful if you want a CPC for individual keywords, especially in cases where you have unequal keywords: some with higher search volume than others.

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