Graded On A Bell Curve. Adwords Quality Score and You

Adwords Quality Score Issues

Having problems understanding your Adwords Quality Score? We are here to help you unlock the mystery of your Adwords Quality Score.


Quality Score is a system used by AdWords to determine how applicable your keywords and ad copy are to the search query. It is assigned on a keyword level basis; however, it may also impact your overall ad group and campaign effectiveness.

Google rates every keyword as – Great, Okay, or Poor. These rankings are utilized in conjunction with your set Cost-per-click (CPC) bid in order to produce an overall score known as Ad Rank. Consequently an ad which has a “Great” Quality Score has to pay less than an ad that has a “Poor” Quality score to rate in a comparative position. In addition, an ad that has a “Great” Quality Score will usually provide you with a reduced minimum Cost-per-click bid compared to one with a “Poor” score. This is the difference between needing to bid $5 per click and $0.05 for each click.

Quality Score establishes how much you pay to have your advertising on Google and how much exposure you receive. The greater your Quality Score, the less you have to pay per click. Additionally, the better your Quality Score the more exposure you will receive as AdWords uses Quality Score to decide what Ads are put within the desirable 1-3 search results preceding the organic and local search results.

Possible causes of Poor Quality Score:
1. Using a great number of various kinds of keywords in one Adgroup
2. Using a great number of different Adgroups directed to the same landing page
3. Thin (or not immediately visible) content
4. Bidding on keywords which have a history of low relevance ads, and
5. Ads, landing pages and keywords which Google feels will not be strongly correlated to each other

Remove these Issues to increase your Quality Score:
1. Break up the keywords in your Adgroups, and distribute under performing keywords into their own Adgroups (to ensure that they don’t pull down the Quality Scores of otherwise reliable keywords in good Adgroups);
2. Direct people to the page of your site which best addresses their expectations. It needs to be relevant to why they were searching Google, or the things they wanted to achieve once they clicked on your ad. Any time there isn’t an especially suitable page, design one.
3. Build brand new material for your site (articles, blog posts, back issues of newsletters etc.), and make sure the information is immediately visible using effective internal navigation, or perhaps a site-map;
4. Remove bad keywords;
5. Ensure that your ads, keywords and landing pages are all directly related.

Quality score is one of the most important metrics in the results of your Google Adwords campaign. In the same way search engine optimization is undertaken to enhance the page rank of your website on the natural search engine results page, enhancing the quality score is important in boosting your keywords effectiveness in the sponsored search engine results page or Google Adwords advertisement campaign.

To build a highly effective Google Adwords advertisement campaign you we will want an impressive score for the duration of your campaign. Any time Google determines the highest cost per click of your keywords, it will take into account the quality score of your keywords. If you have a good quality score, you are going to spend a smaller amount of cost per click. Should you have an undesirable quality score, Google will set considerable cost per click on your keywords.

In order to get the most of your PPC marketing pursuits, you should always enhance the quality score to reduce the cost per click on your keywords and get the most out of your PPC campaign.

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