8 Ways to Instantly Improve Web Traffic

Ways to increase web Traffic

Competition is fierce on the World Wide Web, making it tough for brands and marketers to compete. You have to worry about the little guys, local guys, and big guys all at once. It’s overwhelming, but it’s not impossible. You just have to become savvy about how you strategize your marketing campaigns. An SEO company can be advantageous for your efforts. Just make sure the SEO agency you hire has a great track record (because many don’t!).

The following tips can be used to boost traffic generation for your website.

Remarketing with Facebook

Facebook continues to be the driving force of most marketing strategies initiated by businesses and brands. It works well for both B2B and B2C companies. This is why Facebook remarketing campaigns are a win-win. It enables you to remarket to individuals who have shown interest in your products or services. All you have to do is install a tracking pixel on your site, then Facebook does the rest. No web design changes are needed. It’s an ideal method for generating return traffic to your website or blog. And you don’t have to have a large audience, since Facebook allows you to remarket to groups as small as 100 visitors.

Facebook Email Custom Audiences

If you’re smart, you already started gathering emails from prospects. If so, you can revive that email list by uploading it to your Facebook profile to capture the social accounts of everyone on that list. So not only can you market to them through their inboxes, you can market to them on their mobile devices as well.

Remarketing on Twitter

Like Facebook, Twitter also allows you to remarket to visitors who have yet to convert. You install the pixel on your site, so that Twitter can track users and continue to advertise to them. One difference, though, is Twitter requires a larger minimum audience count – 500 people versus 100 people on Facebook.

Custom Audiences on Twitter

You can upload your email list to Twitter, so that you can target your campaign to mobile users. Again, the difference here is that you won’t be able to use it unless you have at least 500 users to target.

Cards on Twitter

Twitter cards are a unique way to generate traffic to your website. You can think of them as bigger tweets that allow you to attach images and incorporate built-in buttons. This means you can create attractive posts with engaging calls to action. You can also have downloads attached to the tweets. Keep in mind, tweets that have images receive 18 percent more clicks.

Take Your Time Choosing Ad Headlines

The headline of your ad is everything. Eighty percent of people won’t read an entire ad if the headline isn’t on point. So it really pays off to spend additional time on creating captivating ad headlines. The same goes for ads wherever you put them – LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, etc.

Start Building Your Email List (if you haven’t already)

And even if you have, you need to continue growing it larger. Email lists are an excellent resource for promoting your products and services to interested consumers. Develop a newsletter that prospects can opt-in for on your website. There are a variety of email campaign managers you can use to capture leads and send out email blasts, such as Drip, MailChimp and MailMunch. An SEO company can help you build your email list and create content to send out.

Blog, Blog and Blog Some More

Blogs are excellent tools for generating traffic organically. There are multiple studies you can find on the Web that tie together traffic with blogging frequency. It’s not to say that the more you blog, the more traffic you’ll have. It just means consistently blogging at a medium frequency is sometimes all that’s needed. One experiment showed that increasing from two weekly posts to 10 weekly posts raised traffic by 300 percent within two months.

A Reputable SEO company in Los Angeles offering a variety of solutions can be an irreplaceable vehicle for your traffic generation strategy, including web design, content creation, and social media marketing services.

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